Cali Lewis and GeekBeat.TV Take it to the Next Level!

John P.

If you are a regular reader of my blog, then you know who Cali Lewis is. Not only is she a great friend and co-host of the WealthNation.FM podcast, but she’s also an absolutely amazing person with an unbelievable work ethic! The best part is that I get insider information about all the cool initiatives she has going on, including a HUGE one she announced today!

Cali has been bringing us tech news for many years, but since she’s only one person, and her show is only so long, she can’t cover it all! But with the launch of her new show GeekBeat.TV, she is expanding her influence and sharing the spotlight with a brand new team of amazing bloggers, who she introduced in today’s episode!

The best thing about working your way into the celebrity spotlight is that you can really attract top talent when you put out a call for help. And that is exactly what has happened here. The new team of GeekBeat.TV Bloggers is among the most talented and credentialed you will find anywhere on the Web:

Brodie Beta (Ontario, Canada): Brodie is a technology enthusiast with a passion for gadgets, media and anything related to the Web. She has worked in communications and media for the past nine years. She currently writes a weekly column for the Globe and Mail and contributes to awesome tech sites including GeekBeat.TV.

Follow her on Twitter @iphonegirl

Catherine Faas (Toronto, Canada): Catherine is a web journalist, researcher, and freelance writer. She works for MGImedia in Toronto,, and now GeekBeat.TV. When she’s not deep web diving she’s busy covering geeky events around the globe. Catherine is a Web 2.0 sweetheart with a passion for technology. Oh, and she’ll beat you at a video game of your choice.

Follow her on Twitter @catherinefaas

Chris Cameron (Arizona): Chris is an aspiring technology journalist who writes mainly for ReadWriteWeb, a source for deep analysis of Web/tech news and trends. His beats include gathering resources for startups and small businesses, as well as emerging technologies like augmented reality – a topic on which he authored a premium report in early 2010.

Follow him on Twitter @chameron

Chris Christensen (San Francisco): Chris left his day job in January 2010 to focus on consulting, podcasting and blogging including his popular Amateur Traveler podcast. He was the Executive Vice President of Engineering and Operations for a company in Silicon Valley (LiveWorld) that runs online communities for companies like eBay, Marriott, American Express, Campbells, Kimberly Clark, A&E, and Mini Cooper.

Follow him on Twitter @amateurtraveler

Daynah (Riverside, California): Daynah is a geekette from California who enjoys web development, coding in PHP, digital photography, and tinkering with gadgets. She’s currently is Senior Editor at Beatweek Magazine and a Tech Blogger at GeekBeat.TV.

Follow her on Twitter @daynah

Gord McLeod (Toronto, Canada): Gord is a writer and game designer with a background covering everything from IT work to programming to the graphic arts. He’s intensely interested in everything game, gadget and science related.

Follow him on Twitter @gordmcleod

As for me, I’m helping here and there to steer things behind the scenes a bit over at GeekBeat.TV, but with all this amazing talent (as you’d guess) I don’t really have to do much at all!


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    John, it’s an honor and pleasure to be part of such an amazing team. Thank you for your generosity and help to get this project up and running!

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    Well, for the man running around singing “I’m Awesome” all the time (, you’ve certainly tapped into your shy side here!

    John does more than just “help out here and there” – he’s been instrumental in getting all this up and running (and more that we’ve yet to announce)! He’s been extremely generous in letting me use his years of business experience to push the team forward without making too many mistakes! :)

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