Photos From the Lingerie Football League – Dallas Desire vs. San Diego Seduction

Thanks to Mark Ramsey of Pigskin Radio I was fortunate enough to attend the Dallas Desire vs. San Diego Seduction Lingerie Football League game on September 3, 2010. The following is a collection of images I took courtesy of the full press credentials that Mark got me to stand on the sidelines and shoot till I got my fill (which is never).

These are a magnificent group of ladies who absolutely play their hearts out! They do everything the men do, only they do it while wearing almost no protection. Frankly, they are a whole lot tougher, and unfortunately there are quite a few injuries during each game. Anyway, without further ado, here are the images – which I know you are all anxious to get to!

First, here is a little flickr gallery which contains some of the photos below. It’s nice because you can just click through the images. For the rest, see all of the thumbnails below. There are over 200 images in total! ENJOY!!! :-)

Here’s the complete Gallery:

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  1. Great photos John i put them on my website as a fan here in Australia but lflus said i cant use them as im infringing there copyright. Unbeleivable!

  2. Bortúra says:

    Excellent job guys! Thank you

  3. Josh Ewin says:

    I just discovered the LFL. I asked a buddy of mine if he wanted to go see the Baltimore team and he declined. WTF?!

  4. shako says:

    oooops, there are so nice girl`s in this photos, oooh how i want to be in that match :)

  5. Norman says:

    Believe it or not after England’s pathetic world cup in South Africa our ladies rugby team got to the final of the ladies world cup last week, but lost out to New Zealand.None of them throw like a girl,but if they did you can tell them ;)

  6. There are some pretty nice photos there, and those ladies really do look like athletes, but I have to know, does the quarterback throw like a girl?

    • John P. says:

      Yes Malcom. Yes, they do.;-)

      My alternative answer was going to be, “I didn’t notice. I wasn’t even cognizant that they were actually playing football.” :-)


      John P.

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