BlogWorld Las Vegas Photowalk @ 7:30 pm Friday Oct 15, 2010

John P.

Hey folks, it’s that time again! BlogWorld is just a couple of weeks away, so I’m organizing another Photo Walk in Las Vegas for those of you who would like to join in.

This year, we’re going to do something a little different than last year. Since BlogWorld is being held at the Mandalay Bay, we are going to start our walk there, and head on down towards the new City Center. This means we’ll end up at Aria for those who want to go to the MashBash party at Haze.

We’ll meet at the front entrance of Mandalay Bay near the registration desk at 7:30pm and then begin our leisurely walk down the strip, stopping to capture all sorts of interesting photos! Heck, maybe we’ll even reenact the photos that got me banned from Excalibur just for fun!

Things I’d highly recommend you bring on our photo walk:

  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • A jacket – seriously, it can get cold in the desert after dark!
  • Your camera!!!
  • A tripod (Seriously, your photos will be 1,000% better. Just wait till you see the huge one I’ll have.)
  • A photo bag or backpack (to carry some water, snacks and goodies)

While we’re on the photo walk I’ll point out some potential great shots (yeah, I’ll be stopping to take photos myself) and I’ll also offer tips and tricks for taking the best photos and getting the most out of your cameras. I’ll bring some high end professional gear, and be happy to demonstrate how I use it. We’ll also talk about High Dynamic Range photography, how to use some of your camera’s manual controls, and anything else you’d like to learn along the way.

Canon G11If you really want to learn how to take better photos, and have been intending to upgrade your camera, now is the time! I recommend either the Canon G12 if you want a pocket camera, or the Canon T2i if you want a real SLR. I haven’t yet written a review of these two cameras but I did review the G11 and T1i, which were the predecessors here. I’d say the main difference between the newer and older models is dramatically improved video capabilities. But if you are having difficulty getting the newer models, the older ones are still fantastic and absolutely worth doing – especially if you can get a good price break.

For those of you who show up with one of these new Canons, I’ll happily give you all the training you need to get some really great photos. For any other cameras I’ll help all I can, but I’m not as familiar with Nikons as Canons…

If you want to join in but would rather enjoy everyone else’s photos afterwards that is awesome and we’d still love to have you! Here are the photos from last year’s walk, which took us to old downtown Las Vegas.

So, are you joining in? Cali Lewis is coming with me, and I know that Dave Herwig, from the US Army Golden Knights, is too. If you’re coming just drop a comment below and let us know your details so everyone can get to know one another a little before we even get there.

Also, make sure you are following me on Twitter if you’re coming and keep an eye out for my tweets prior to the walk as that is how I’ll give any last minute updates or changes to the schedule. I’m looking forward to a nice walk in Vegas with everyone! See you soon…


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    I’m going on Aaron Hockley’s Photowalk and would love to do yours too. They’re scheduled back-to-back so I should be able to do it. I’ll cover both ends of The Strip this way. I’m a first time visitor to Vegas and Blog World so I’m really looking forward to the experience and getting to know everyone.

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      We’ll look forward to having you there! And thanks for letting me know that Aaron is hosting one too. I didn’t know, but for those who are interested here is the link to Aaron’s photowalk details.

      Looks like Kris Krug will be joining him, and I’ve been a fan of Kris’ for a long time.

      John P.

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    On the photo walk my favorite new group shot location is in front of CityCenter in a standing on the side of the grass planter. Some folks stand on top, others on the ground. Captures the strip with Planet Hollywood and the Bellagio beautifully without the glare of the overpasses over Las Vegas Blvd.

    I took a wonderful picture of my daughter there last weekend and all my local friends can’t wait to get down there and do the same shot.

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    John, you’re meeting IN Mandalay Bay? I thought that when you stayed there and got harassed at Excalibur you stated you weren’t going to step foot in there again? Am I to guess that ease and trying to be uncomplicated are getting in the way?

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      It was the Excalibur that I said I wouldn’t go in. ;-) I was staying next door at Luxor at the time and it was the head of security for Luxor who called the head of security at Excalibur and got things straightened out. So, I’ve got no beef with anyone other than Excalibur…

      John P.

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