WebBeat.TV is Now LIVE! And You’re Gonna Love it!

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John P.

I’m incredibly excited to announce the launch of a new Web TV show that the Livid Lobster team has been working on for the last couple of months. WebBeat.TV, starring Pelpina Trip, will be your source for all the hottest viral videos, Websites-of-the-Day, trending topics and more!

But you know what the best thing about WebBeat.TV is? You don’t have to do any of the work! Three times a week Pelpina is going to bring the fun right to you! So, right this very moment you should head over to WebBeat.TV and subscribe to the show! If you don’t know how, it’s easy and FREE! Just download iTunes and then search for WebBeat.TV in the iTunes Store. (I recommend you subscribe to the HD feed – the picture quality is amazing!)

Here is the very first episode to give you a feel for what you are going to get. But you can also watch all of the other episodes on the WebBeat.TV site as well (in case you haven’t subscribed yet!) Oh, and make sure and follow @WebBeatTV on Twitter for the latest updates too!

Hey, by the way! If you enjoy the show, won’t you please take a moment to give Pelpina a 5-Star rating in iTunes? We’d really appreciate the positive feedback as we get this show launched!


  1. says

    Hi John —

    I did watch the first three episodes. Let’s just say that I know what you mean, when you told us (Keith Anderson and me) that we would like it.

    Congrats! A new star is born.

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