How To Make The Perfect Bloody Mary with Homemade Pepper Vodka

Homemade Pepper Vodka
Scott Ellis

Homemade Pepper VodkaNothing screams “drink in the morning” like holidays with the family and the season is upon us! I stumbled on a recipe this year for making the perfect homemade pepper vodka and I can’t describe to you how “fresh” it tasted in a bloody mary compared to infused vodkas or by adding pepper or tabasco to your morning drink. Just a little of the homemade pepper vodka and some tomato juice and you’re in business for the best Bloody Mary you’ve ever had.

The recipe is pretty simple:

  • Serrano Peppers
  • Jalapeno Peppers
  • Anaheim Peppers
  • Sun Dried Tomatos
  • Pearl or Cocktail Onions

Cut up the peppers and drop them into about a 2 gallon jar, preferably one with a spout at the bottom like the one in the picture. You can get such a jar for about $20 at World Market or look for a “Glass Jar with Spout” on Amazon where prices range from under $30 for a 3-Gallon Unbreakable Beverage Dispenser to over $100 for a beautiful Paris Hammered Glass Beverage Dispenser. (Note: I bought two different models and one had a faulty valve that leaked so make sure it’s tight when you buy it!)

Next, pour 2 liters of plain Vodka over top of the sliced up peppers. I used Smirnoff Triple Distilled but you can use whatever you want. The cleaner tasting the better but there is no need to buy a “premium” vodka either.

Let the concoction sit for about 24 – 48 hrs. Then just pour a little (or a lot) out from the spout, add tomato juice or V8 and you’ll have the best, freshest tasting Bloody Mary ever, just in time for Thanksgiving morning (or Monday morning)! No need to add more pepper, tabasco or anything else.

One word of caution: don’t forget to wash your hands before you touch your face after cutting up the peppers, I still can’t feel the right half of my head.

This post was not sponsored by anyone but please drink responsibly…  :)


  1. says

    Nathan – Your grandfather sounds like a funny guy. Yeah, it turned out great! I did test it as it was sitting and found that it hit about the right flavor and strength after about 48 hours. At 24 hours it was good, but till not quite peppery enough.

  2. Nathan says

    Sounds yummy! Brought back fond memories of my grandfather, who once defined a Bloody Mary to my then-6-year old brother as “what you drink in the morning if you’ve had too much to drink the night before”. My mom was not amused in the least!

    But to this day I can’t have a Bloody Mary without thinking of him. So I’ll make one tomorrow in his honor – after all, it is Thanksgiving!

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