Discount Coupon for Trey Ratcliff’s HDR Video Tutorial

Trey Ratcliff's Horse HDR
John P.
Trey Ratcliff's Horse HDR

Trey Ratcliff’s Horse HDR

Do you guys remember when I did the little video of uncrating that magnificent HDR Wall Art that my friend Trey Ratcliff created for me? Or maybe you saw when I posted his awesome video Japan: Heatbeats of Time? Or maybe you’ve just seen some of his awesome photography in general? He’s had over 44 million views on Flickr and 22 million on SmugMug!

Well, I’ve got some good news… Trey now has a NEW downloadable version of his HDR Workshop! And, thanks to the magic of friendship, you can get 10% off any version of the HDR Tutorial using the coupon code: JOHNPISAGREATGUY. So feel free to Order the HDR Video Tutorial Now! (Oh, and don’t bother looking for a bigger discount code anywhere. It doesn’t exist, so no need to waste time.)

What’s This All About?

This isn’t any old HDR Tutorial… this video was shot on location in Austin during Trey’s sold-out HDR Workshop which people paid $1,000 to attend. (And I should know… I shot it!)

And lets not forget that Trey Ratcliff is the greatest HDR photographer on the planet, and the first person to ever have an HDR hang in the Smithsonian Museum.

So for the first time ever, if you want to learn to take HDR photography, or simply take your HDR photography to a whole new level, you can buy Trey’s complete 300 minutes of instruction for $99! And you can be watching the video in minutes. Here is a little sample of the kind of detailed instruction you’ll find in the video:

And here’s what people had to say who attended the training, along with a little context from Trey.

So, what are you waiting for, go and buy the Downloadable HDR Workshop now using 10% off Coupon Code “JOHNPISAGREATGUY”!


You guys didn’t think I was just going to tell you all about the video and have nothing else to offer now did you? Pfffftt! I’ve got a freshly minted copy of the Downloadable HDR Workshop, and I’m going to give it away to one of you guys!

How do you get qualified to win? Simple! Just leave a comment below and let me know what you think of Trey’s work!

Oh, and make sure I’ve got your name and email address. 48 hours after this post goes live I’ll get together with Trey and we’ll send one lucky person a code to download a free copy of the Workshop!

UPDATE: DAVID DOTSON (COMMENT 183) WAS THE WINNER CHOSEN BY RANDOM SELECTION! David we’ll send you an email with the download code very soon. Congrats on the win!

Trey Ratcliff’s HDR Video Tutorial Discount Coupon

Remember, if you are interested in buying a copy I’ve arranged for a discount with Trey for ANY of the version of the HDR Tutorial. Just use coupon code:


(Trey came up with that, NOT me! :-) and you’ll get 10% off any of the packages.

Get 10% off when You Order the HDR Video Tutorial Now!


  1. says

    Hello from France, Paris !
    I think Trey Ratcliff is a very talented person in general and with photography in particular.
    I would actually estimate his work from two point of views :
    – his scientific approach is very documented and with a lot of rational explanations.
    I would compare Trey Ratcliff work to Ansel Adams zone system creation but applied to photography numeric era
    – same as with Ansel Adams, in the end, the whole system is to rpoduce genuine, emotive work of Art.

    In conclusion : time always “produces” the artist most needed so I would say thanks for sharing !!
    Bruno Lombard
    France – Paris

  2. John says

    What do I think of Trey? He’s alright I guess.

    Just kidding, he and Troy Paiva are the reasons I took my camera off of auto in the first place.

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