Video Review: Brammo Enertia Electric Motorcycle

Brammo Enertia Instrument Cluster

Brammo Enertia Instrument Cluster

You guys know I’m a motor freak, right? I mean, I pretty much love anything that burns gasoline or electricity in order to propel us down the road. Which is why after keeping an eye on the folks at Brammo for some time I finally decided I could wait no longer and I needed to get my hands on one of their fully electric motorcycles!

Brammo is one of the oldest and largest manufacturers of fully electric bikes, which is not to say that they are old or large. Compared to Honda, Harley, Yamaha and the rest of the old school gang Brammo is in its infancy. But unlike all of the big boys, Brammo is currently producing and shipping fully electric motorcycles. And I’m not talking about little toy electric scooters! I’m talking full-on production quality motorcycles.

Brammo Enertia Electric Motorcycle

Brammo Enertia Electric Motorcycle

Brammo has been making the Enertia electric motorcycle for a while now, though I’m ashamed to admit that I was never really excited about it. The Enertia is a great little motorcycle which will do about 65 MPH and can get up to 80 miles of range, which makes it an excellent little commuter bike. But lets face it, most of my cars have like 400 horsepower, so what usually gets my attention is speed.

Recently Brammo announced the new Empulse model, which is purported to have a top speed of 100 MPH along with a 100 mile range. And I perked up! Since I was heading out to San Francisco on business, and since Brammo has some dealers in the area, I reached out to Craig Bramscher to see if I could arrange some time with it. Unfortunately, the Empulse isn’t quite available yet, but Craig and the team suggested I could at least take the Enertia out for a spin.

The Video Review

And take it I did. Here is my video review of the experience. If you have any questions that I didn’t cover here just drop me a comment below and I’ll tell you all about it.

The Photos

I also took a little time to stage a few photos of the Enertia, so have fun with the photo gallery.


More pricy, but higher performance competitors to the Enertia include:

As soon as I get my hands on any of them I’ll bring you guys more electric motorcycle reviews!

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John P.

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  1. Terry O'Brien says:

    Thanks. I’d echo Albert’s comments, and hope that we’ll see Brammos in the UK, soon. Now, John, have you been able to get hold of an Emplulse?

  2. Great article. I hope it will come to germany soon.

  3. I enjoyed the review. That’s a pretty neat looking bike, and it’s high time that products like these became the norm and not oddities. Are they very expensive?

  4. Button Badge says:

    nice, thanks for the information and those pictures, i like the greens , any info about the price ??

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