FAIL! 101 Images of the Best Fail Pictures!

Dancing Kick to the Nuts Fail
John P.
Dancing Kick to the Nuts Fail Picture

Dancing Kick to the Nuts Fail Picture

Lets all just own up to the fact that we LOVE to laugh at other people’s embarrassment and pain, Ok? I mean it doesn’t explain why these Japanese guys volunteer to be hit in the balls on a gameshow, but it explains why we love to watch their pain!

And speaking of funny, painful Japanese game shows, there was never an equal to MXC Most Extreme Elimination! Oh God, it kills me. But when you watch those videos all you want is to see people wipe out!

But I digress…. Today we’re here to get our fill of FAIL Pictures, right? Well, let’s get it on! Be warned, even 101 thumbnails will bog your browser down, so give it a few minutes for all the images to load, then choose any thumbnail to view the full sized version of the FAIL photo.

Have you got more Pictures o’ Fail? Leave a comment below and let’s see em!

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