8 Amazing Videos of Third World Construction Techniques

Third World Construction
John P.

Third World Construction

Third World Construction Techniques

News flash: labor in the thirld world is cheap. And when I say cheap I mean it’s more economical to employ hundreds of people to move bricks, sand and cement than it is to buy one piece of heavy machinery to do the job.

Clearly they don’t have to worry about OSHA requirements over there, or any of that meddlesome workman’s compensation or other actual safety rules. After all, safety is for wussies!

Bangladesh Brick Labor

Have you ever seen those ladies who walk around balancing all sorts of stuff on their heads to carry them long distances? Well, they’ve got NOTHING on this guy!

Pouring Concrete in Africa

Wow! This is kind of like watching a concrete waterfall – only in reverse.

Cement Throwing

I guess these guys don’t have enough shovels laying around to send the cement up the other way. So they just toss it in buckets.

Construction in Nepal

Seriously, watch this video and then I just want you to imagine for a second what happens is a guy like half way up the chain drops one…

Moving Sand

It’s like a human sand escalator. Only faster…

Building a Hotel in India

These guys clearly have no issues with putting the ladies to work doing heavy manual labor.

South African Cement Throwing

Who needs buckets to throw cement when you can just toss the whole shovel along with it?

Building a House in China

That is some nicely choreographed brick throwing.


  1. 1stCaptain says

    This is a very powerful message. People doing what it takes to get the job done. But just think? A little automation? A pully system was used by the “Romans” to build all the “Stuff” that they built. So I’m all for putting your heart and soul into what you have to do to get the job done; So where is the “Guy” with the Knowledge, that is close enough to these people (the camera man who shot these pictures is one) that can tell them; Hey, guys, if we just do this:::::???????????? we can get a hold lot more of work done? It’s the old principle of……….I can go on however, it’s GREAT to see the work getting done and I can only add if you got this many people willing to do the work where is the little extra help?

  2. says

    Thanks John for putting it together. I have seen these kind of construction live and it is very scary when you compare to western world we see everyday. They just put everything together and start building. 0 (zero) safety measures.

    Anyway it’s how they live.

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