53 Pictures of Sexy Women Tattoos – Beautiful, or Trashy?

Hot Chick with Tattoos
John P.

Tattoos have really increased in popularity over the last decade or so. It seems like everyone has one, and also like everyone has an opinion about them! Ignoring men altogether at the moment, lets talk about women tattoos. Hot? or Not?

Here’s a collection of beautiful and artistic tattoos on women. Each seems to have been tastefully executed and from an artistic perspective the imagery is nice. The question is, can you see the woman behind the tattoo? What does the tattoo say about each of these women. And more importantly, does it matter why the woman’s tattoo is there (for example, some of these tattoos memorialize loved ones lost)?

Women Tattoo Pictures

From yo!sarrian:

Woman Japanese Back Tattoo

Woman Japanese Back Tattoo

From red_rum:

Tattooed Woman on Bed

Tattooed Woman on Bed

From David J. Photo

Hot Blond with Arm Tattoo

Hot Blond with Arm Tattoo

From Alex Piechta:

Beautiful Woman with Arm Tattoos

Beautiful Woman with Arm Tattoos

Hot Chick with Tattoos

Hot Chick with Tattoos

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Rather than crippling your browser with a bunch of full sized images, just select a thumbnail to view the medium sized image. If you still want a larger version you can click on the medium sized version and you’ll get the biggest version I found. Enjoy!

Do you have a tattoo to share? Drop a link in the comments or email me a photo to john AT OneMansBlog dot com and I’ll add it to the collection.


  1. Chad Cook says

    Tattoo’s are a beautiful and vigerating way to express oneself. Some think they are trashy. Everyone is entitled to thier own thought’s. But have a open mind when thinking on certain subjects. I honestly think tattooed women are very sexy, and beautiful. And not scared to express themseleves. Thanks.

  2. Brian says

    The photos of the girls are not made any sexier by their tattoos, many of the tattoos are in them self beautiful as are the women. But I don’t see them as adding to the women’s beauty. Many, not all, of the tats will age poorly and most, not all, of the women will regret their tats as colourful eagles turn to dark dragon shapes and leaping porpoises turn to lounging walruses. But hey its their bodies and they look good NOW.

  3. Adea says

    I feel Tattoos show a lot about a persons creative side . It all depends on how you want to express yourself .
    Plus if you never had one & judge others for there’s it really shows how close minded you are . Thats like knocking something for not understanding it if the world did that we would be full of close minded people .
    Remember only person who can judge us is god & if your happy with yourself he accepts you ). Shouldn’t that be all that matters.

  4. Tracy says

    All i have to say is this is me…..like it…hate it….i don’t care…i have a beautiful full back and arm if u don’t like it don’t look at it

  5. angela says

    Tattoos can tell you a lot depending on where the tattoo is placed, what symbolism they used, and finding out why they got the tattoo, because symbolism changes by culture and so do the reasons for getting them. I have three and they have important meaning to me. None of them are placed on my crotch, lower back, on my boobs, neck, etc., because that’s tacky and trashy. You would never know I had them until I was undressed, because I got them for myself and not to impress anyone else.

    Women can also tell a lot about the men they’re interested in by the way they react to the tattoos. If a man is instantly turned off simply because I have them, then I know he’s close minded and lacks creativity, which equals being terrible in bed. Men who lack a higher intelligence, attractiveness, and endowment large enough to please a woman are usually the ones who are most picky about how a woman should look and act. Men who are comfortable with themselves are also comfortable with strong independent women.

    Tattoos can be used to size us up, but we also size you up by how you react to them.

    • Larry says

      I agree with your first paragraph….But you can not summarize a man and what he feels or thinks by his reaction to a tattoo Some men find a woman and her natural body as a work of art. Placing ink on it may just muddle up his thoughts of what beauty is for himself in a woman’s appearance. I find women to be attractive because that’s how a man is wired….if he wasn’t then we might not have a population as we now have. Drawings on the human body may have a certain meaning for you and that’s fine. Depending on the tat and where its located can make all the difference for me. I find the natural flsh of the woman to be more attractive than some artists rendering of a picture…..But I am not against a woman or man getting a tattoo. Honestly when I see a man with a tat I think that the man is just trying to show his masculinity and for me that doesn’t say much. But again this is my interpretation.

  6. Jesse says

    tattoos on women are sexy as hell. some of the ones here are pretty dumb looking and that girl with the koi sleeve looks like a boy. my girlfriend is a tattoo artist so obviously she has quite a few herself and i find every one of them sexy.

  7. Dee says

    For those saying tattoos are not beautiful because they are not natural, how do you feel about face lifts? Hair dye? Manicures? Make up? Even shaving? All of these things are body modification, and we use them to adjust our body from what it is to what we feel is beautiful. Yes some are more extreme than others, but beauty is subjective. I am a tattooed woman. I plan on adding further tattoos to my collection. My husband finds them attractive so I have no worries. The most important thing is that when I see them, I feel beautiful.

    • thainte says

      All these things (if done correctly) that you named off, makeup, hair dye etc are made to enhance natural beauty. Not to completley change, but to slightly modify and can look very natural. What you see is what you get. Both of my beautiful sisters have tats, so I am not against a persons preference. My point is, a tatoo cant look natural, at all. Makeup, even perminant makeup can. Natural or not, its about the way it looks.

    • Larry says

      Dee maybe that is the real problem for yourself….You don’t find yourself beautiful and thus you have your body inked up…….Just saying….. I pay close attention to what people write. It is their true feelings coming out.

    • E says

      Larry, How does Dee’s very valid point about other types of body modifications suggest that she doesn’t think she is beautiful? That doesn’t make any sense. Your logic is flawed.

  8. says

    There’s no crime if you want just a little tattoo if you’re a girl. But some of these tattoo are just a little bit.. over rated.
    When God made Eva, I’m sore He didn’t thought that a women can have something like that on her back

    • Micheal says

      First off dude learn to spell eve right if your going to take a shot at something you apparently have no idea about.. and in my opinion if a woman wants to get tattoos on her body that’s her choice. God gave everyone a choice. And its up to you which one you choose. So before you talk dude… learn what your are making accusations about…..

    • Larry says

      Michael….before you talk learn to respect others and their thoughts. He is right to have these feelings…they are his and many others have the same feelings as him as many have the same feelings as you. Why so defensive?

  9. Peter says

    Tattoo makes woman more sexy if it’s well done. Although I don’t like tattoos that cover whole body of woman. It covers whole beauty of person So I prefer small tattoos (2nd picture for example).

  10. says

    Having been tattooed myself, I think that moderation applies. It is all too easy to overdo things in this country…think fast food, reality tv, or even surfing the internet when you should be doing something else.
    Tattoos ARE art, and some are very beautiful, but aside from ones covering the someone’s back I think less is more.

  11. Eddie says

    The human female form is one of the most beautiful in the animal kingdom. Comprised of simple curves, from the details of the face, the many features of the torso, to the arch of the foot, this collection of simple curves invite the eye to follow. Look at a simple S curve on a piece of paper, and your eyes follow it from start to finish like an optical roller coaster.

    I personally consider tattoos upon this landscape as a distraction and nothing more. A billboard, no mater how artful in design, still detracts from the natural beauty of the landscape around it. A tattoo does the same.

    • Larry says

      Eddie, nicely put. Would really have to agree with you. However if I found a woman I loved and she had them I would not say goodbye to her either..

    • azharmehmood says

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  12. says

    Some of them look nice but I personaly find tattoos on women gross. I remember one past experience where I was about to seal the deal with a lady, started pulling down her panties and she had one of those Hindu? ‘om’ symbols that looks like a reverse ‘3’ just above her landing strip. Game over.

    • Bill says

      Agreed, you are right on little lady. If you don’t like them, why are you here looking at them?

  13. says

    Some of these are sexy. Overall, tat’s on women are mostly disgusting. Why? Because where I live, most are stretched butterflies on the giant ankles of behemoth whales. Oops, I just spit up a little thinking about it.

  14. B says

    You asked… so here I go!

    Sorry… I find the art of the tattoo beautiful. Some of the designs are exceptional, and the creativeness behind some of the ideas are mind-blowing.

    But it also destroys the beauty of the human body. I know… I’m probably the exception to most of the world now. But it just saddens me to see the human form covered with graffiti.


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