Hooters Swimsuit Pageant Pictures!!!

Hooter's Swimsuit Pageant
John P.

Hooter's Swimsuit Pageant

I have to admit, I’m a fan of chicken wings. I love em in all flavors… hot & spicy, BBQ, Asian, Mexican, you name it! And of course, at Hooters they’ve got hot waitresses that come in all the same flavors!

Once a year they also happen to put on a little something we like to call a “Swimsuit Pageant”, and more importantly some people show up to these little shindigs sporting cameras of immense proportions. Thus ensuring that the rest of us can see what goes on at the Hooter’s Swimsuit Pageant!

The Hooters Swimsuit Pictures

Here now, in no particular order (well, maybe alphabetical) are just a boatload of pictures of hot Hooter’s girls in bikinis.


  1. Brian Friel says

    We are heading down to Clearwater Florida in two days. That is where the original Hooters is located. They always bring in the winner of this contest and some of the runners up. We will definitely enjoy a meal there while in Clearwater.


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