Fantastic Bicycle Advertisement – This One Runs on Fat…

Bike Ad
John P.

I wish I knew where this advertisement for a bike shop was. Or maybe it’s just some kind of outdoor shop? Either way, it’s awesome! “This one runs on fat and saves you money. This one runs on money and makes you fat.”

True, true.


  1. brassneck says

    Looks like the Howies store in Carnaby Street (that London) – they don’t have many shops though, the website is best for the full range.

  2. says

    I love that advertisment as well!!!! I am going to try and snap a photo and send it to you (or you can google it) Where I live there is an A/C company whos billboard ads read “Your Wife is Hot…….better get that A/C fixed” it has even been in the local media!!!

  3. says

    wow great ad…

    very funny and true at the same time i think…
    i wish people could really understand the meaning thought.


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