Christians Openly Advocate Killing Atheists on FOX News Facebook Page

John P.

About a week ago, a group of people filed a lawsuit in New York to prevent a cross from being erected within the World Trade Center memorial without equal opportunity for other religions who wish to have memorials there as well.

According to the lawsuit, among the 2,792 people killed in the twin towers, 31 were Muslim Americans, approximately 400 to 500 were Jewish Americans, approximately 500 were non-religious Americans, and an unknown number were Americans of other faiths. (So, about half of the people who died were not Christian.)


No other religious or non-religious group has been permitted a memorial.

Fox News had some discussions about this event including this one.

Fox News on the WTC Cross Lawsuit

Clearly Christians are angry. They later had Blair Scott, Communications Director for American Atheists, on a show to talk about the lawsuit and immediately the Fox News Facebook page was flooded with thousands of comments. I would link to the post, but apparently Fox removed it. Not before several comments were screen captured though.

Keep in mind, this blog post is not about whether or not the Cross or any other religious things should be allowed at the WTC Memorial, which incidentally is mostly funded with hundreds of millions of dollars of US taxpayer money from people of all religions, including non-religious people.

What it is about however is the swift, brutal and violently extreme comments that self-professed Christians made immediately following Blair Scott’s appearance to express his views on Fox TV.

Facebook Christians Advocating Death, Rape and Harm to Athiests

The list below represents just some of the comments that were captured before the content was deleted. Each commentator’s name is linked to their Facebook profile if it can be found, along with the quote attributed to that person. (If you find an inaccuracy or omission please let me know.)

Paul Altum

i say kill them all and let them see for themselves that there is God

Bob O’Connell

Shoot them. Shoot to kill.

Joe Martinez


Joseph Sneckenberg

thats easy shoot them

Casey M Jones

Shoot em. At least we know where they’re going, waste of oxygen

Mike Holeschek

Nail them to the cross then display it.

Chris Dunn

I thinly we should hang the leader of that group on the cross with nails through their hands and feet, place a crown of thorns upon their head, RAM a spear through their side all after being whipped and beaten publicly! Just so they can endure what Christ dod so they understand the sacrifice behind what that cross symbolizes.

Bob O’Connell

They’re atheists so it won’t matter if you kill them.

Tim Allison


Richard Silvia

someone show me where they live&and they will live no mere!

Raylene Ingmire

Here’s my solution, kill the group..just kidding, you figure it out. I’m so sick of people that pick and choose when they want to truly be American. They can go to Hell oh wait they will.

Sindy Clock

stupid atheists, I hope God kills them all.

Sindy Clock

I love Jesus, and the cross and if you dont, I hope someone rapes you!

Eileen Rourke

Any court or lawyer who takes this case should be hung!!!! If you look at some of the people who are atheists they are all miserable looking because they don’t have any faith in anything. You should all go live in another country. You have taken enough of my rights away.

Hans Anderson

atheist has no rights a snail has more rights than a atheist has I say throw them out to the sharks let them eat them like the ate bin laden

Michael Perri

these people are f’ing scum of the earth. can we start killing them now? few groups are filled with more hatred than atheists.

Scott Miller


Patrick Alley

Kill em all…let God sort em out. Guess what Atheists…

So, What Do You Think?

There have also been a lot of Tweets related to this issue, but I’m really wondering what YOU think about it?

  • Christians, is it really acceptable to say, “I’m not like them. Those aren’t real Christians!” After all, the people who made these comments would say the exact same thing about you.
  • Non-Christian people who identify with another religion, do you think your religion should be able to display a memorial to the believers who died alongside the Christians?
  • Non-believers, is it really so important to warrant a national campaign to not allow a single Christian symbol at a monument for the dead?

I am DYING to hear what you guys think…



    IF these hate mongers and murderous people are representatives of Christianity, I am glad to be an Atheist.

    • Wade Wilson says

      Yeah, none of those are actual truthful comments…it’s all a conspiracy.
      Good luck with the paranoid schizophenia, nutjob.

    • fro says

      ◄ Matthew 7:2 ►

      New International Version
      For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.

  2. Charles says

    I would like to say sorry to all other faiths, or people who believe in no God. All the “Christians” in those comments clearly do not read the Bible. people like them have given our faith a horrible name. I have no problem with any other religion being represented in the memorial. Please understand that not all of us are like that. All of us deserve hell, and i honestly don’t know why God lets in the people he does. I wish these “Christians” would understand how ignorant that they sound and apologize to all of you but sadly that will most likely not happen so I will say sorry on behalf of all true believers. I love you all, and have a wonderful day.

  3. Real Christian says

    I’m not here to be rude, even though I’m Christian and you’re all atheists. I just want to say that those people aren’t real Christians. Our religion is about love but some people, like the people who think atheists should die, will always find ways to twist it and ruin the meaning of it. We believe that God loves even the lowliest of criminals and wishes for them to change. I feel that those people misrepresent my religion and don’t deserve to be called Christians. They’re just a bunch of crazy idiots who believe that death and suffering are the only answer to any question. I hope they find the true meaning of the teachings of Jesus Christ and learn to love everyone.

    • YEP says

      I mean you telling us Christianity is about love and then naming us the lowliest of criminals totally improves my general idea about Christians :D

  4. Mick says

    I find these comments useful.

    Useful whenever someone tells me that morality always springs from religion and that religious people are more likely to be moral than godless heathens like me!

  5. says

    There will only be peace when we realize that we are all ONE.
    Claims by fearful people in pain that they are right and all others wrong only sadden me. I am all my brothers and sisters. I AM THAT.
    I AM.

  6. ct says

    Just to take issue with the list of people killed.
    It was the World Trade Centre, so there were quite a few NON-americans (obviously the majority were American)

  7. lindsey says

    Im an atheist. I wouldnt have campaigned against displaying the cross, and if others had wanted a memorial then they could ask to do so. I also dont understand why the symbol gives hope, as if god had been interested he would have intervened, if he were real? That said..thats my viewpoint, but i think understanding and tolerating others is important. Sadly Im not surprised by the hate shown in the christian comments displayed, where violence, harshness and joy at the cruel punishment of others is foremost before any ‘love’.

  8. Dean (@TheDudeInSF) says

    Why is it that the most vile and hate-filled words come out of the mouths of those so filled with a Gods love?

  9. adam says

    well.. that’s just talk of some very disturbed people.. It seems to almost be cultural in America.. solve your problems with a gun!.. I can’t for the life of me fathom any reasoning behind these peoples responses other than, they must be of a very very low intelligence

  10. Katerina says

    If being a Christian makes you act like these people, so full of anger, hate, misery and murderous tendencies, I am so happy that I am a loving, compassionate atheist!

  11. Vlinder from the Netherlands says

    Reading all this. I do not know what to think.
    OR these socalled Christians are dumb or very dangerous => wanting to kill other human beings!!!

  12. kyle says

    To all the religious fanatics out there… Christians, jews and islam!!
    Is it moral for Abraham to murder his son to prove his obedience to his “God”? Or is it absolutely immoral? And if you are capable of killing you own offspring to demonstrate absolute obedience, what are you not capable of? Is there any act you will refuse to perform, no matter how murderous and immoral? The suicide maniacs of Islam have reached the conclusion that murdering innocents and killing yourself at the same time is the quintessence of martyrdom…the act of which “God” most approves. And there is no question that as faithful Abrahamists they are entirely right to reach this conclusion.

    The Devil’s greatest trick isn’t getting you to think he doesn’t exist. Quite the reverse. It’s getting you to think he’s God and that you must obey him without question. Devil worshippers aren’t a rare exception in our world – they’re the norm. Just take a look at our present day situation on earth and where all the hate comes from.

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