Top 52 DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Tauntaun costume
Wen Duan

    Not only is Halloween a time to collect on your sweets but it’s also a time to show off your creativity. I love Halloween and am obsessed with collecting costume inspiration, so I’m here to share my list of top Halloween costumes that I’ve collected over the years while trolling around on the internet.

    Now, looking past all the stripper interpretations of bumblebees and hamsters (yes hamster) offered in stores, I’ve collected a series of clever and well made costumes most of which are for Halloween and kids (some are from cos play). and JibCouponCodes features promo codes for frugal Halloween dresses to reduce your holidays expenditure. Though not all of the costumes are current, they are amazingly constructed and unique. These costumes range from simple to such high quality that they belong in films. Be inspired and enjoy!

    Snow globe it up by dressing as your favorite vacation destination.

    A smart homemade interpretation of Firefox:

    Possibly one of the best homemade Star Wars costumes I’ve ever seen. Mechanical moving parts and all.


    Even Celebrities love to go all out for Halloween. Heidi and Seal are quite infamous for their elaborate original costumes.

    A cute idea for the ladies: a smart twist on being a pregnant skeleton

    Old Spice Man meme for the win:

    There is something epic yet equally tragic about this costume. I guess it’s just me but when I was a kid, I don’t want to dress up as a chore.

    Kaaaabamm! Imagine this creature coming to your door.

    Simple because you see it all the time, but clever because you didn’t think to make it a costume.

    I don’t believe this is balloon boy specific, but either way the idea is incredibly cute and clever.

    For those that love David Bowie:

    Or for those that find Kim Jong-il a bit scary but crazy cute when it’s a baby:

    Christmas Story!

    Scary and elaborate headless costume of Marie Antoinette:

    Imagine all the pictures you can take being in grey scale!

    Becoming a piece of art is no easy task, but this costume inspired by one of Banksy’s street art is so clever!

    Bring 2D out into the real world, by becoming a comic book character.

    Make up does wonders when you are pixelated:

    Now what’s a costume list without at least one Darth Vader?

    Dressing up your kid as the Goblin King from Labyrinth:

    Or a more modern reference: Dwight from The Office

    But we can go way old reference into the Clockwork Orange!

    This costume is very effective in making this kid look creepy, but exactly like Edward Scissorhands.

    A great couple outfit from Mary Poppins:

    Can this Hobbit be any cuter?

    This is an old homemade costume one from 2002, but still epic reference from Lord of the Rings.

    Seal and Heidi again being AWESOME with their unique alien superhero costumes.

    I assume stilts are used for this cos play of the executioner from Resident Evil.

    The Weeping Statue from Doctor Who:

    Pay homage to your favorite reality stars: MYTHBUSTERS!!!

    Be yourself in an old video game:

    Yes, that man is in an 8 bit costume. I wonder how he walks.

    Professor Utonium and Powerpuff Girls:

    Ken from Toy Story Three:

    The only case where trolling around in a white van is alright on Halloween… When you are Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

    Taking your kids out trick or treating? Match up with them with inspiration from Pixar’s Up.

    Kids dressed up as video game characters = epic parents win.

    Go back to Sesame Street with Oscar the Grouch

    Not certain if this is homemade, but it is an outstanding Megaman costume!

    Olga from Hey Arnold!

    Harry and Fluffy: clever way to incorporated you pet into your costume!

    A Lego and Vampire: double costume points score.

    As great as this costume is, moving around in this will not be fun.

    Keep your kid contained in packaging!

    A smart reference to the book Madeline:

    Homemade: Indiana Jones Lego

    An authentic interpretation of The Last Airbender.

    Not exactly sure how this toy soldier moves.

    Just imagine a taco crawling on your floor.

    Spaghetti Monster!

    For some reason I love the idea of this Burrito wrapped baby:

    Daddy Chef and lobster baby in a pot. Simply adorable.

    For reaching the end of this list I give you a bonus costume: Nathan Fillion’s (from Castle, Firefly, Buffy…etc) video of his Geeky homemade costume. (Just click it to play.)



    1. Cookies For President says

      They’re called Weeping Angels, not Weeping Statues. I’m a fan of Doctor Who and it was just bugging me, sorry.

    2. Kimberly says

      Ohmygod. Where did you get the picture of the “yourself as an old video game” is there a tutorial or program for that mask :D?

      • Kelli says

        Thank you! I was totally going to say the same thing if someone else hadn’t corrected the author! I loved that show!

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