The 10 Funniest and Craziest Celebrity Twitter Users


    There ain’t no party like a Twitter party.

    Don’t believe me? You should; the Internet world can be broken down by the use of social media and networking, which touches every part of our lives from daily updates about what we are having for dinner to business marketing strategies. It is a world all its own, and one of the main figureheads of the Online Royal Family is Twitter.

    Not only is it an easy way to transfer personal information, get news updates tailored to your tastes and potentially stalk every person you have ever dated but it is also a place where the famous and the fans (or anti-fans) can connect like never before. It is not uncommon to see people interacting first-hand with celebrities who would have once been impossible to contact.

    Now, this might be considered a good or a bad thing. I know I have never been particularly interested in keeping contact with the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” cast or getting ultra-hip messages from underground bands. But there is no denying that some celebrity Twitter feeds are full of hilarious, interesting or just crazy statuses impossible to ignore.

    Below are what I personally think are the 10 must-follow celebrity Twitter feeds for anyone looking for a laugh.

    1. @GeorgeTakei

    GeorgeTakei twitter

    Famous for his portrayal of the Enterprise’s Sulu on the original “Star Trek” TV series, George Takei is loved by any geek worth his salt. His Twitter has become a platform for his political comments and causes, such as his current support of Warren Buffet and the Occupy Wall Street protests happening all over the country.

    He frequently talks to fans one-on-one when he is mentioned, such as recently when he commented on someone’s tweet about having exclaimed that it was him when he was passed in the street. He is endearing, charming, blunt and sweet. What’s not to love?

    2. @KanyeWest


    While he has become an icon, Kanye West is not usually considered the most likable of people. He comes off as arrogant, often starts fights, is always ranting about “haters” and never seems genuinely apologetic for anything messed up that he does – which is exactly why he is so fun to watch.

    It is like witnessing a wild creature in its natural habitat, except that instead of roaring and catching prey, he is bitching about people daring to question his talent and throwing off one-liners about how awesome he is.

    3. @YokoOno


    Ah, Yoko Ono … what can be said about her? I suppose we can start with her being completely insane. But she is also very genuine and positive and has a kind of zen-like quality that only seems to appear in the mentally ill. Some of my personal favorite, recent tweets: “Draw a window on the wall to remind you of the silkrain that makes things grow,” and, “The room of your own making: Be grand.”

    4. @TheRealRoseanne


    Roseanne Barr has done a lot in her life and has always remained a household name (though not always for the right reasons). Now, she is making a bid for president as one of the many fringe candidates making headlines.

    But seeing her Twitter makes her likelihood of making it into the Oval Office seem a bit remote. She is genuine in her desire to change the country for the better, but she is also a little bit on the crazy side. Her rants tweeted every day are stunningly strange at times.

    5. @Hodgman


    You know John Hodgman from his PC vs. Mac commercials, where he wears a tie and never seems to measure up to the sloppy hipster Apple man played by Justin Long. But if you are lucky, you have seen him elsewhere, such as on “The Daily Show.” He is extremely funny and interesting, and his Twitter feed is no different.

    6. @50Cent


    50 Cent has gotten a lot of coverage for being a whiny manchild and fighting with every rapper who dares diss him. But he hasn’t gotten nearly enough for the good he actually tries to do. Believe it or not, he can have a pretty charitable attitude, and he deserves some respect for it. For example, right now he is helping the cause of providing 1 billion meals to people starving in Africa.

    7. @OldSpice


    Old Spice has become an unexpected cultural phenomenon on a global scale. After its “man your man could smell like” commercials hit the airwaves, its sales went up 200 percent, and it launched a major online media campaign.

    Its Twitter is an ongoing part of that, and amusing updates are frequent – for example, this little gem: “Old Spice has the smells that turn men-children into Formula One driving kangaroo boxers and child-children into men-children. Be careful.”

    8. @DarthVader


    The infamous Sith Lord and leader of the Galactic Empire is now on Twitter! O

    bviously, it can’t be “official.” But if you want some evil one-liners to start or end your day, Darth Vader has them. At the very least, it should appeal to the average science-fiction geek’s sensibilities.

    9. @RainnWilson


    It is always wonderful to find out that someone who is hilarious on a show is equally as hilarious in real life. Rainn Wilson is one of those people who manages to bring his sense of humor off of the television screen and onto your computer screen. He also sometimes gives us a touch of creepy, such as his tweets, “I’ve got Uggs made of human skin,” and, “Goodbye Qwikster. Now I’ll go back to using you as a nickname for my penis.”

    10. @ConanOBrien


    So many people supported Team Coco during the infamous fight against Jay Leno for “The Tonight Show.” During that time, Conan O’Brien showed some of his greatest comedy potential, and he has continued the tradition.

    He doesn’t quite have the squeaky-clean image that late-night shows demand in the United States, which is only an improvement. My favorite recent tweet: “Excited for the Breaking Bad season finale tonight. My prediction: Something will not go as planned and meth will be involved.” Oh, Conan … are you ever wrong?!

    There is such a huge list of celebrity tweeters now. What are some of your own favorites?


    1. says

      There are some really good twitter people out there, but there are also some really bad ones. Quite a few sports figures seem to think Twitter is great until someone says something mean to them (imagine that on Twitter). I live in Philadelphia and I watch Eagles players Tweet stuff all the time and Philadelphians can be rough. Jason Babin just got himself in trouble here by getting in to a fight with some fans on Twitter. He should have just ignored the dopes that responded to him, but he fought with them and made himself look really bad. He had to go on our local sports talk radio station and make a half hearted apology to the fans. It was spiraling down into a petty name calling display. It looked really bad. We love our sports figures until they seem like they don’t love us.

      Another great Twitter follow is Lisa Lampanelli. She usually does one joke every day for her followers and they are great. She is a really funny comedian and I think most people would enjoy her. I should mention that she is a very dirty comedian and if you don’t like that type of humor you may want to think twice about following her.


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