Not Everything You See is True: 5 Tools to Create Funny Fake Screenshots

The Wall Machine

    If you have been on a site like Lamebook or Damn You Auto Correct, you have seen amusing screenshots submitted by users who have seen funny things occur on their Facebook wall, on Twitter or though texts. They can be very amusing, sometimes cringe worthy and always entertaining.

    But did you know that quite often they are fake? This is obvious from time to time, when little mistakes – or big ones – give it away. When that happens, you might be wondering how they went about making the fake ones in the first place. The answer to this is through tools that have been made to simulate these screenshots.

    Here are five of the most popular tools for faking Facebook and Twitter wall posts, texts and even news stories.

    Fake Convos

    This is one of the easier fake Facebook convo/newsfeed generators available. It works by letting you log in using your existing Facebook account. You then browse through available profile images, such as Barack Obama, Snooki, Tiger Woods or Bart Simpson. Or, you can paste in a URL to get a photo from a web page. Then, you type in a comment and add it to the stream. You just keep adding while it creates a screenshot with each submission. The end result is very realistic.


    Do you want to trick your friends into thinking a piece of news is real? This is a generator that creates fake news pieces that can be customized by you. The screencap resembles a real news site, such as “The Bluffington Post,” using the same layout as The Huffington Post. There are different ads, links and videos added in to make it look more genuine. You can choose from a list of preset headlines, such as “Wins the 2011 X Games, Breaks Back” or “Sued for Illegally Downloading Music, Movies, Porn.”

    The Wall Machine

    This is another cool fake Facebook wall generator. It works by giving you a basic status message box. By clicking various parts of the box, you are able to customize it. This means changing the name, the status message and the person who ‘likes’ it, and adding additional comments. You can easily upload photos for the profile pictures, as well. The end result is indistinguishable from real Facebook screenshots.


    This is a text generator that creates iPhone screeshots like you see on Damn You Auto Correct, or Parents Shouldn’t Text. You put the name of the other person in the Name section, then write it like the following.

    Person Who’s Phone It Is: Message

    Other Person: Message

    It will create a real-looking iPhone screeshot that you can save or share. You can select either Verizon or AT&T as the provider. There is no watermark.

    Fake Tweet Builder

    You use this one to create a fake Twitter feed screenshot. Each person in the conversation is put in a list form, like this:

    Jackie_Chan: I am going to be in the new live action Sesame Street movie!

    ChrisTucker: @Jackie_Chan who you playing man?

    Jackie_Chan: @ChrisTucker Big Bird!

    Then you can customize things like the color, the Twitter ID inclusion, background images and more. If you don’t check the box to allow you to see the names, it will censor them. All pictures are automatically blurred, and it doesn’t allow you to upload your own, which is a little disappointing.


    Making fake Twitter, Facebook, news or text screencaps is a lot of fun. It is also very easy, thanks to these brilliant tools that make it fast and simple to do anything you could possibly want.

    What are some of your favorite fake screenshot tools? Let us know in the comments!


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