50 Unique and Best Gingerbread Houses

I’m a sucker for creativity and crazy technical skills when it comes to food (or anything for that matter). So I compiled a list of fantastically creative Gingerbread “Houses” and creations for the holidays. Some of these have tutorials so you may make them on your own, while others are just edible masterpieces that looks far too impressive to munch down on.  

Since the range of the houses is so big, this gallery of Gingerbread Houses are not in any particular order.  Enjoy this feast of Gingerbread!

Happy Holidays from everyone at Livid Lobster!

Article Written by
Wen Duan

Wen studies electrical engineering and computer science at UC Berkeley, works as an IT, and participates in high-performance computation research (Teragrid). Along with consuming an absurd amount of television, movies, and books, she is infatuated with making the web her source of media as well as sharing them with anyone she can! Follow her on Twitter @copperncherrio

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