America Gives US Infrastructure Projects to Chinese State-Owned Firms

Chinese Construction Workers
John P.

My dad sent me this link to an ABC News clip claiming that US cities are hiring Chinese instead of American workers for building projects. I’m pretty moderate in most ways, but in this one I’m a hard liner and I can’t believe the citizens are allowing this kind of pathetic decision making to take place.

YES! I blame the citizens! It is our own apathy that allows this to occur. Some decision maker somewhere is thinking about how to cover his ass and asking questions like:

  • How fast can we get this job done? Because if it drags on and on, people are going to have my ass!
  • How much is this going to cost? Because it it’s too much, people are going to have my ass!

It’s no wonder they choose a cheaper, faster workforce that is state-owned, who don’t pay workers very much, and without as much regard for their workforce’s safety! In every way the decision maker will be judged, it saves their ass!

Except one…

The citizens need to make it 100% clear in no uncertain terms that:

  • They don’t care if it costs a little more.
  • They don’t care if it takes a little longer.
  • They are willing to do the work, and do it in a quality manner!

The economics are very simple, and by keeping these projects and jobs within our economy the money spent has a huge multiplier effect. On top of that, even if the US companies are slower and less efficient at the moment, after they complete one or two of these projects they’ll get more experience and be up to speed on the next ones!

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The bottom line is, if you keep farming out our projects to people who might be better at them today, we’ll become entirely dependent on them, lose the skill set, and never be able to win one in the future!

The argument that we lack skilled workers is absolute crap! Even if that was the case all it takes is one special visa to allow them to come here from other countries and we’d solve it in about 1 week.

Does this piss you off as much as it does me?


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