Amazing GIFs That Feature Cyclic Movements

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Tom Chu

    Animated GIF images remain extremely popular, years after they first hit the web. Many are simply tiny clips from other media, such as television shows or movies. But others have been created from scratch to offer something unique from designers showcasing their work.

    David Ope has a Tumblr account called DVDP, where he features his many graphic art experiments. A great deal of his GIF images have cyclic movements as their focus. These are some of his best.

    1. Inner Circles

    inner circles by david ope

    Most of the circles in this GIF are evenly spaced and move outward. But the others move inward, giving more depth to the overall picture. At a certain point there is an area where the two seem to merge and there are more lines than the other spaces.

    2. Light Ball

    light ball by david ope

    Set against a black background, this one has just a few lights that seem to make up a ball moving in circles to a center. It is interesting to see how the movements themselves create the effect of a circle rather than the other way around.

    3. Rainbow Ball

    rainbow ball by david ope

    This one is a lot more colorful than most of the others on Ope’s Tumblr. It uses one bent strip of rainbow-colored light to make up a ball rotating clockwise. Other lighter colors make up the other half to slightly solidify the shape.

    4. Colored Ball

    colored ball by david ope

    More complex than the rainbow ball, this example has different pieces that rotate in a cyclic motion to make up another ball. But they seem to move inside of one another to slightly change the shades as they go, remaining transparent so you can also see the others.

    5. Stairway to Heaven

    stairway to heaven by david ope

    One of the cooler images Ope has made, this GIF shows a kind of staircase that is moving in a spiral up toward a backdrop of stars. There is something almost hypnotizing about it, and it is hard to look away after a while.

    6. Seizure Inducer

    seizure inducer :)

    My title was, of course, made in jest. But this one is hard to look at without feeling like your eyes are going to explode. There is a ball made of lines in the center that is moving in a cyclic motion. Then, the background is more lines moving in an opposite way. If anything could throw you into a seizure, it would have to be this one.


    1. says

      Neat images!

      I used to make images similar to these, but no where near as intricate, using a program called Mathematica. You have inspired me to consider buying the home version. I can’t post what I did, even if I still had them, because I created them on a student version.

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