10 Flickr Groups Featuring Original Lego Photos and Artworks

Tom Chu

    Everyone loves Lego, or at least did at some point in their life. Most of us have fond memories of sitting around and building houses, spaceships and cars, shoving on those oddly shaped little Lego men around and playing for hours on end with the blocks. We also have terribly vivid recollections of finding those same blocks in the carpet with our bare feet, possibly one of the most painful toy-related injuries you can imagine.

    Just to show that not everyone grows out of their Lego love, there are a number of Flickr groups that have been created to cater to the hobby. These are ten excellent ones out of the dozens, some of which will make you laugh out loud.

    1. Lego Creations

    Lego Creations

    Anything made from Lego products goes here, but you will be stunned by some of the works you will find. For example, a life-size robot found here, as well as much smaller projects that are still really cool. Anything Lego-based can be uploaded, so don’t be shy. Taking some time to go through the gallery and you won’t be disappointed.

    2. Lego Outdoors

    Lego Outdoors

    If you want something a little more adventurous, this group has it for you. They post photos of Lego scenes or items that have been placed outdoors or in an outdoor-like setting. Many users have provided fully staged scenes using Lego people, which is really fun to view. The only real rule is that it has to be outside so go crazy!

    3. Lego Builders

    Lego Builders

    Looking for something more technical? This group is for advanced builders who prefer to work on less whimsical, more elaborate things like buildings, ships, models and other products. They might be officially created models from instructions, or something generated purely from the builders imagination. For example, there is a small scale Coruscant from the “Star Wars” canon built here.

    4. Lego System

    Lego System

    You might remember the many space-based sets from Lego from the past, which are still created today. This group is dedicated to those set and everything that comes along with it. That means ships, solar systems and science fiction figures. All are applicable, as long as they are from an official Lego set.

    5. Lego Train MOC’s

    Lego Train MOC's

    Trains are a major hobby for many, and Lego has released a number of sets dedicated to it. The pieces in this group are truly impressive, with central stations, full trains and more. They have a place to check out the best of their submissions here, and you won’t believe how detailed some of them are.

    6. Lego Star Trek

    Lego Star Trek

    Like “Star Trek”? Like Legos? Congratulations, you are like 90 percent of today’s modern geeks. If you have ever dreamed of creating a detailed replica of the USS Enterprise, you aren’t alone. There are a couple of those here, among other things, so you should definitely check it out.

    7. Lego Landscape

    Lego Landscape

    Landscapes are always fun to make with Lego, because there are so many options for decoration – especially when it comes to the classic sets that have different styles of trees, plants and even blocks for mountains or bodies of water. The people in this group are great at getting creative with their landscapes, with some elaborate products coming from their work.

    8. Lego and God

    Lego and God

    You might not have ever considered mixing religion and Lego before, and reading this now it might seem like a bit of an iffy concept. But once you have seen a small scale replica of the Vatican, you will have a hard time denying that the projects in their group are really cool – especially when you check out the “stained glass” windows.

    9. Legos in the Real World

    Legos in the Real World

    Whether they are sitting on a bench and watching the sunset or mowing the lawn, your Legos can take a small vacation in the real world. This group takes photos where your little plastic people or products are hanging around outside or in public buildings.

    10. Lego Complaining

    Lego Complaining

    Sometimes you just don’t get what you bargained for with Lego. You might be frustrated with a project that just won’t work properly, or you bought a defective batch of blocks. Whatever the case, you can vent about it with photos of the issue here.


    Lego is popular for a reason. If you find yourself loving the product and want to share that love with others of a like hobby, then pick up the camera and enjoy these ten groups.

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