10 Best Free iPhone Games

Tom Chu

    The iPhone has completely changed the way we use multi-functional media entertainment devices. Providing a brand new means of communication, you can do practically anything with this modern marvel. I’ll bet we are a few years away from having an app to wash your car.

    Of course, one of the biggest selling points of the iPhone is the game capabilities. Able to hold graphics more advanced than most console systems just a decade ago, mobile games are extremely popular – especially since a great deal of them are low cost or even free.

    It is the latter we will be discussing today. Here are 10 fun, free games that you won’t be able to put down.

    1. RhinoBall


    You might remember a few years ago, when Disney released the animated film Bolt. They created a fun little game using the character Rhino, the hamster in his ball. You tilt your phone to navigate through various obstacles, moving the ball along.

    2. iBall3D


    Gamers who are old enough to remember the classic age of games will recognize this one. Based off of Labyrinth (the game, not the film), it brings a 3-D obstacle course with better graphics than ever. Avoid the holes, the water and the cliffs by tilting your phone and sending your ball through the maze.

    3. Labyrinth Lite

    Labyrinth Lite

    If the one above isn’t your style and you miss the original game, then this should be more your speed. It gives you a view of the classic board, which you control by shifting your phone. It doesn’t get more basic than this.

    4. Cydia Tap App

    Tap Tap Revenge

    Tons of fun, this is a music-based game that allows you to tap to the beat of various tunes to score points. Shake left or right to avoid falling arrows. The graphics are colorful and psychedelic, with lightning bolts and starry skies. It is one of the more attractive games you can get on the iPhone.

    5. Aurora Feint: The Beginning

    Aurora Feint: The Beginning

    This is one of the most addicting fantasy games ever created, and I say that with a huge amount of authority given my obsession with the genre. Play with friends to level up, solving puzzles as you make your way through a complex fantasy landscape. Fun, creative and requiring plenty of critical thinking.

    6. Critter Crunch

    Critter Crunch

    Do you like creatures that are nearly identical to Pokemon? Have you ever wished that you could be one yourself, and eat those creatures? Then I have good news for you, my friend! This well known game has a free mobile version to the original puzzler. You feed tiny creatures to larger creatures, and then eat the larger ones in order to dominate the food chain as kind of the jungle.

    7. Diamond Twister Light

    Diamond Twister Light

    You will have played games like this before. A simple puzzle game using gems, you try to get a certain amount in succession to clear rows. Beautiful graphics and really fun to play, this is one of the most popular free iPhone games on the market right now.

    8. Cube


    Miss the old first-person shooters without all the talk and cut screens? This is a super fun one that uses the old school format and just lets you run through pretty impressive landscapes shooting everything you see. The controls take practice, but it is worth perfecting.

    9. Mouse About Lite

    Mouse About Lite

    Marv is a hungry little mouse, and it is your job to make sure he gets plenty to eat. Guide him through puzzles, all of which are randomly generated. Once he eats one piece of food, you move him to the next. You are running against a clock, and each time the clock runs out you lose a life.

    10. MazeFinger Plus

    MazeFinger Plus

    If you like puzzles, you will love this game. Using your finger, you guide yourself through endless mazes before you run out of energy. The graphics are gorgeous, and the makers aimed to utilize the screen capabilities as much as possible here.


    There you have it, 10 free games that are fun, challenging and impossible to put down. What are some of your favorites? Let us know in the comments.

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