Kate Upton Shows That Curves Are Beautiful Too (Photos AND Video)

Kate Upton is one of the few top models presently that also has a curvy body. While many people have been in support of a more natural looking model, there have been some detractors – notably the blogger “SkinnyGurl” from the Skinny Gossip blog who branded Kate Upton (among many other things) a “squishy brick” in a post that caused an uproar.

Kate Upton GQ Cover

Kate Upton GQ Cover

Kate Upton Fans Strike Back

One of the most interesting things about all this is that there has been some pretty heavy backlash from readers of the blog. So much so that the blogger had to change her email, and take some other security measures to protect herself from death threats. Make no mistake – the blog posts were intended to cause controversy; this blog is known for posts that get people riled up. However, SkinnyGurl probably was not counting on the public reacting in the way they did over the posts about this particular model.

Kate Upton sucking a popsicleMany of those that disagreed with SkinnyGurl’s opinions of Kate Upton, also cited that the Skinny Gossip blog majorly supports anorexia. While the blogger has stated that her blog was not “pro-anorexia”, but “pro-skinny”, the Skinny Gossip blog did have a section called “Starving Tips Of The Day” – a section of the blog that was been taken down due to the firestorm created by these negative blog posts.

Models Must Produce

The fact of the matter is, models do not get hired if they cannot sell the product. Modeling requires a person to be able to sell a product without saying a word. And a model definitely will not get the cover if they do not have enough appeal to get people to buy it. As former super model Cindy Crawford once said, “When you sell, you get covers, and when you don’t sell, you don’t get covers anymore.”

Perhaps SkinnyGurl was putting down Kate Upton because she was trying to discourage people from wanting this type of model, and was hoping to encourage the general population to support more stick figure, emaciated type models.

I’ll leave you with one other little thing to consider…

Kate Upton Dancing in a Bikini

Kate Upton Photo Gallery

And now, the Kate Upton photos. Click on any image to get to a full sized version…

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  1. She has surely got an amazing figure and knows to flaunt her body in a better way…

  2. Ju says:

    She came out of no where at least in my opinion now she’s everywhere I look. Great model and hey at least her cover shots won’t be photo shopped like half the other shots in magazines out there.

  3. Edgar Griggs says:
  4. Full Throtte says:

    She is incredible model!

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