Oddest Auto Insurance Claims


    The auto insurance industry has always offered up its fair share of strange cases, some of them leaving the impression that the insurance company is not playing fair while other times presenting classic cases of bogus claims made by those looking to cash in.

    Oddest Auto Insurance Claims

    Given its long history and product saturation throughout the driving population of most of the world, the list of available odd claim cases is a long one; here are five of the oddest insurance claims for your reading pleasure:

    1. July 4th Fireworks

    Another one is reported by autoinsurancequotes.net. A claim recalled by State Auto Insurance Company representitive Mike Rowe tells the story of an American man who saw his truck sustain damage during a self-inflicted accident. The man stopped at a local store to pick up a healthy supply of fireworks to be used during a Fourth of July party and then decided to smoke a cigarette during his drive home.

    You can see where this is going.

    The man finished his cigarette and threw it from the driver’s side window, only to have it blow back into the truck, setting the fireworks alight. While injuries to the driver were not reported, the truck did sustain serious damage as outlined in the insurance claim that followed.

    2. A Bear in the Driver’s Seat

    Perhaps the strangest case of animal-related damage to a vehicle seen in an insurance claim is the case of a family car taken for a joyride by a large black bear.

    Apparently foraging for food, the bear entered a family’s parked Toyota Prius, inadvertently honking the horn and waking the family. With several people watching, the bear eventually put the car into reverse as it moved about in the cramped interior, sending it rolling backwards, fully out of the driveway and down a hill, eventually ramming a boulder and coming to rest against the front stoop of a neighboring home.

    Subsequent investigation of the vehicle revealed extensive damage to the interior, including a completely dislodged gear shift, a missing seat and broken windows. On the bright side, the exterior of the vehicle was largely unscathed and the family’s insurance policy was able to cover the damage caused by the black bear.

    3. A Shoot ‘Em Up Claim

    Oddest Auto Insurance Claims

    An agent at Hettler Insurance in Lubbock, Texas recounts an insurance claim that resulted from a local gunslinger being careless with his weapon, ending in the man’s truck cab being torn apart. As the story goes, the man was getting out of his truck when he dropped his shotgun, triggering it and sending pellets flying into the cab of the truck. With his dashboard, headliners and seats torn to shreds, the man was able to make a successful insurance claim via his comprehensive coverage policy.

    4. The Circus is in Town

    A man in the United Kingdom had his van totaled when an elephant parading down the street with a circus group decided to steal his lunch. The gentleman was sitting in the driver’s side of the vehicle when the elephant in question put its trunk through the passenger side window, smashing the glass and wrenching the door frame before snatching the man’s bagged lunch and fleeing.

    The owner of the van attempted to fill out a claim but found that his policy would not cover the incident; reported attempts to hold the owner of the circus group responsible for the damages incurred were unsuccessful as well.

    5. Lightning Strikes

    A claim out of Brisbane, Australia saw a car dealership walk away with more than $20,000 when lightning struck one of the vehicles on their lot. With a comprehensive auto insurance policy that offered protection against “Acts of God,” the dealership’s claim for lightning damage to the unsold car went through without trouble, allowing them to replace the car and providing peace of mind the next time a thunderstorm rolled into town.

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