4 Startup Events in 2013 to Build Your Personal Brand


    As we move closer and closer to another new year, businesses around the world are thinking about how they want to be perceived in 2013. From bloggers to inventors, small business startup owners to big brand managers, everyone knows that marketing is everything in the modern business landscape, and this means that it is very important that you – and your brand – are in the loop at all times.

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    If you want to take your business to the another level next year, check out one of these four startup events in 2013 to build your personal brand:

    1. Startup Xchange

    Startup Xchange

    Sometimes the most poignant inspiration comes directly from your competition, and nowhere will you find more comrades-at-arms in the startup world than the monthly Startup Xchange meetups! Providing a relaxed atmosphere that encourages conversation and sharing of ideas between attendees, these events bring together innovators of all types in order to inspire where product pitching and branding is concerned, helping all attendees to leave each meeting with new ideas and renewed passion for their business endeavors. Funding, freemium models, innovations are among the few topics being discussed.

    When and Where: Held in locations around Largo, Florida, just moments away from beautiful Clearwater Beach, Startup Xchange events take place on a monthly basis, giving you a regular opportunity to keep your startup ahead of the curve. If you plan to stay long enough to take in the Florida sights and sounds, check out Cheaphotels.org for unbeatable prices on local accommodations.

    2. Startup Weekend

    Startup Weekend

    How much startup goodness can you pack into only 54 hours? More than you can imagine, and the Startup Weekend event proves it! Bringing together hundreds of entrepreneurs for weekends in more than 300 cities around the world, these events aim to help businesses – new and old – to effectively brand themselves in the name of winning out over stiff competition, providing small business owners with a wealth of information during a very educational three days.

    When and Where: Jacksonville, Florida, will play host to one of many Startup Weekend events around the world on January 25, 2013. Whether you’re chasing the action or just need to get around town, if you need an affordable car rental, click here.

    3. Startup Grind 2013

    Startup Grind 2013

    Imagine immersing yourself in Silicon Valley, that land of startup success and failure that changes the very way that consumer technology progresses; thanks to the Startup Grind 2013 conference, now you can!

    Called a “global community event” for its ability to draw entrepreneurs from around the world, Startup Grind promises to be the place to be for brand building around any business type, providing a platform for everything from serious lectures to relaxed fireside chats, all aimed at allowing you to leave with a better, more focused vision for your startup.

    When and Where: Startup Grind 2013 is set to be held in Silicon Valley, just outside of San Francisco, California, on February 5-6, 2013, giving you a dose of the land that has brought businesses to new, incredible heights before, during, and after the event itself.

    4. South by Southwest Startup Village

    South by Southwest Startup Village

    Known for bringing together designers, entrepreneurs and small business owners of all different stripes and sizes, South by Southwest (SXSW) helps those looking to give their brand a boost with its Startup Village, a part of its overall Interactive Festival event.

    The SXSW Startup Village is the premiere place to get together with product makers, marketers, investors, and a slew of other related personalities and professions, each of them with the potential to change your brand for the better. Besides unbeatable networking opportunities, this event will also offer startup-related panels, lectures, mentoring and coaching sessions, and even time to deliver your pitch to potential investors, making it an all-around perfect stop for both new and newly-branded startups.

    When and Where: The South by Southwest Startup Village is set to take place from March 8 through March 12, 2013 in Austin, Texas, allowing you to get your brand in order early in the year!


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