Tips For a Crazy New Year’s Eve

Ali Spagnola's Power Hour Album USB Shot Glass
Gord McLeod

    Ahhh, 2012, it seems like we hardly knew you, and I’m sorry to say that many people won’t be sad to see you go. But that’s no reason we can’t celebrate New Year’s Eve. In fact, it may be even more reason to celebrate. So why not celebrate in style? I’ve lined up a whole pack of tips for spicing up your New Years celebrations and making it one to remember, or possibly not!


    Ali Spagnola’s Power Hour USB Shotglass

    Ali Spagnola's Power Hour Album USB Shot Glass

    If there’s one thing that comes to mind when you think NYE, it’s drinking. Usually it’s champagne, but that’s the domain of midnight itself. There are plenty of other hours, and if you’re looking to make the most of one of those hours, this album/game is for you.

    Ali Spagnola has put together an incredibly ambitious combination here; it’s a shot glass on a string that is also a USB drive that contains her entire Power Hour album which is made up of 60 1-minute songs that are a drinking game. Whew! The album’s available on iTunes as well, but the USB edition comes with a bonus 61st song to make your personal power hour more special than the rest.

    She was kind enough to send me a unit for review, so I can tell you that the idea is that you listen to the whole album, and with each new song, you drink a shot of beer. By the end you’ll have gone through a six-pack, so you might not want to use a stout for this. In fact, I’d recommend waiting until after midnight to try out the power hour concept, and consider her option of using other beverages (like water, coffee, juice, etc.) instead of beer, especially if you have to drive anywhere any time soon after attempting this game.

    If you don’t have to drive anywhere, well, you can try it with hard liquor, but don’t say you weren’t warned!

    No matter what you drink when listening, it’s a really fun drinking pop album that’ll spice up any party, whether there’s a drinking game going on or not.

    Crazy Liquor Bottles

    I know, I know. I just advised against hard liquor with the Power Hour, so now I bring this up? Well, bottles can do more than just hold liquor; they can also make for some pretty cool conversation pieces. Just check out this selection!

    Medea Vodka with Programmable LED Display

    Medea Customizable Bottle Lable

    These bottles say … well, whatever you want them to. They can be programmed with up to six messages of up to 255 characters, or a little less than two tweets worth of text. Great for parties with the geekier crowd, or if you want to make an instant first impression on a special someone.

    Tommyguns Tommy Gun Bottle

    Tommyguns BottleAhhh, alcohol and guns. Not normally a combination I’d recommend, but shots from this Tommyguns bottle are quite a bit less lethal than your traditional tommy gun, and taste a whole lot better, so why not?

    This isn’t the only company to go this route; there are quite a few gun-themed bottles floating around out there. John P certainly approves of the concept!

    John P and a Pepe5za Bottle

    Nobody says no to John’s party invites. Nobody.

    Crystal Skull Vodka

    Crystal Head Vodka BottleNope, that’s not a prop from the last Indiana Jones movie; it’s a vodka bottle. Crystal Skull Vodka, to be precise, and made by none other than Dan Ackroyd. Yes, that Dan Ackroyd! This was my personal favorite weird booze bottle right up until I learned about the Medea programmable ones, and give me a few weeks and this will probably reclaim the #1 spot in my heart.

    (Bottle photos via Complex, except for the John P photo, which was taken by Cali Lewis.)

    Bacon Whiskey Jam

    Bacon Whiskey Jam

    Three words you never thought you’d see together, right? Well, bacon is a thing of wonder and beauty, of course, and it’s a thing that I feel should be worked into every occasion. Whiskey … we’ve already covered the relationship between drinking and New Year’s Eve, so that’s obvious. And jam? Well, we’ve covered music, games and drinks in this collection of ideas, so why not get some food into it?

    The Food Network’s Michael Smith has a fantastic recipe for bacon whiskey jam that I’ve tasted, and it is amazing.  I’ll just give you the ingredients here, but be sure to click through for the instructions and especially the video.

    • 2 pounds thick sliced bacon, chopped
    • a big splash of water
    • 8 onions, chopped
    • 2 cups brown sugar
    • 2 cups water
    • 2 cups whiskey
    • 1 teaspoon (or so) of red wine vinegar

    It is oniony, baconey, whiskeyey, and altogether completely delicious. It takes some time to prepare though, so plan accordingly!

    That about wraps it up for this year’s New Years Eve party tips. However you plan to celebrate, have fun and do it responsibly!


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