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John P.

DroboIt REALLY pisses me off when when people lie about an experience with a product in order to justify an opinion. I honestly don’t mind if people have a negative perception about a product, but it becomes a problem when they try and sway other people’s opinions using deceit.

Drobo seems to occasionally come under attack from mysterious individuals who are always anonymous and are literally caught in lies repeatedly. Let me give you one excellent example. Here is a Drobo product review on Amazon. And here is a link to the profile of one of only two 1 star ratings

A Very Fishy Drobo Story

The anonymous user “World Music Fan ‘Scott'” posted this comment:
Drobo Negative Review

Scott claims:

“I have been recommending Drobo products since gen 1. I keep one version of each of their products in my tech lab so that I can support my client’s needs if any issues arise.”

Although he also admits he never purchased the Drobo for which he left this Drobo review. So why would he just show up and leave a review on a Drobo device he doesn’t own? That’s strange…

If we look at his product review history we’ll see that he previously posted this Drobo review:

Drobo Negative Review 2

“I am over Drobo and I think they have a serious issue and hope they do something about it.”

Hmmm. IF indeed his story is true, its sad that he lost his data. Its also impossible to know if he’s telling the whole story, or even the truth – especially given it appears he’s establishing a pattern of malicious intent.

But that’s not all. He had ONE OTHER previous Drobo Review!
Drobo Negative Review 3

“I had four models (10 u it’s at work and 2 at home). Drobo, Drobo with Drobo Share, Drobo S, and Drobo FS.”

“I am done with Drobo and all of my data is seriously lost for good.”

Since Scott claimed he lost data on multiple Drobos (which could have been YEARS old, could have been damaged by power issues, or cat hair stuck in fans, or kids with dirty fingers, or God knows what), and also stated unequivocally that he was “done with Drobo”, plus took the time to blast them on an Amazon review – can someone please explain to me why he would claim more than a year later that he has:

…been recommending Drobo products since gen 1. I keep one version of each of their products in my tech lab…

There are too many statements that don’t match up, and all the evidence points to either:

  • A person with a vendetta of some kind, out to screw Drobo.
  • Someone being paid to write negative reviews, just like Samsung got caught doing.

Maybe its just me, but I don’t understand why people do this? I mean, I understand being pissed off, and even talking about that publicly. But after I do that – I let it go man! So what possesses people to just routinely blast a company for no reason – except if they are getting paid to do it by someone else!

That’s Not the Only Drobo Hack Job

That Scott guy might actually be a real person, who at one time was happy with Drobo but had some problems that soured him on the brand. I don’t think its right that he continues to attack years later, but assuming there is some basis of fact and his lies are really more like “exaggerations” I think everyone can have a little sympathy.

But as I’ve read through other product comments and reviews I’ve seen a bunch of people leaving highly suspicious comments. Almost always anonymous names, unverified purchases, and often not even a claim of using or owning the product. Just trash talking.

Everyone should be really skeptical about any review they read online – positive or negative – that comes from someone who won’t even use their real identity. When a person basically is saying, “I don’t want to be accountable for what I have to say”, then they don’t deserve to be believed either.

I’ll PAY You To Tell Me Your Story

$500 Bill
Which brings me to my final point. Actually, its more of an offer.

If you’ve been paid by a company to leave negative reviews about a competitor’s products I’m offering $500 to tell me the complete story. Here’s the deal:

  1. You must provide me verifiable proof that you were engaged to leave negative reviews.
  2. You need to share all the details with me, including links to the reviews.
  3. You may maintain complete anonymity if you wish, or you can come forward. Either one. I will protect your anonymity if you so desire!
  4. After I’ve verified your story, I’ll send you $500 via PayPal.

Simple, right? I believe its happening, and I think if Samsung got caught doing it – a LOT more companies are doing it. So you can email me to john AT geekbeat.tv if you want to take me up on the offer.

It never expires, and I’ll pay everyone that comes forward. So if you KNOW it was wrong and you need a way to rectify it – the ball is in your court.


  1. theorem says

    Indeed, the lines between “recommendation”, “fanatic” and “religious obsession” with a product or company has to be tempered with constant feedback, both positive and negative. There are many products and brands that conjure these various levels of dedication — and there are crummy people on either side.

    Taking time to make unbiased views of things will allow this to shine through. I am now a bit concerned, as others have mentioned, about the dedication to a single NAS solution.

    Will be doing more research using less biased sources. Thanks for the info.

  2. says

    I do agree with your points about this reviewer but I have to question your dedication to Drobo, I mean it’s mentioned in just about every opportunity you get on the Geekbeat videos. I understand you are sponsored by them and that John you obviously have a great passion for your Drobo, this is clear from the videos and the way you talk about it but seriously it’s getting a bit boring to hear about drobo all the time.

    I absolutely love your show and watching your and Cali talk about tech and all things geek and hope you continue to make great shows, but please stop ramming dropbo down our throats. We get it already.

    Let Drobo deal with this, I’m sure they are a big enough company that they don’t need their hand holding or for someone to come in like a hero and defend there honor.

    Lastly, Chill out John, Have a cup of tea, go for a walk it works wonders and is certainly more relaxing that getting wound up and reducing your self to a rant like this.

  3. Andy Shannon says

    Could it be possible they were getting paid to write the good reviews and then wrote the truth when they weren’t getting paid anymore? Not trying to hate or anything but crossed my mind because I have heard of it that way around before

  4. David Gibson says

    The way you guys defend Drobo, it makes me wonder what your relationship with Drobo is. I know they are a major sponsor and I believe in supporting sponsors, but you guys promote Drobo beyond the normal relationship by doing unboxing of the latest model while most of us have no use for that type of equipment. Perhaps I’m not your average viewer. I hope you find someone who does what you seem to think happens with the bad reviews and expose that crap for the crime it should be.
    While I your attention also, I will say I have no idea what the purpose of having you on the interview with Dr. Morgentaler was. The host must have owed you a favor or something. To those of us who have problems with ED, Dr. Morgentaler is a breath of support and information. Someday you will probably learn firsthand the frustrations of ED but I know that you can’t understand something you haven’t ever experienced but in the meantime, enjoy being normal and if you can’t say something positive, keep quiet. Your presence was totally useless.
    I have watched Calli since back in the old days when it was her and her husband doing the show part-time while they held down “real” jobs to be able to afford the production costs but I think I am ready to end my loyality. I watch several Geekbeat shows this week and heard mostly above stuff not even on the market yet. Some of it had no time frame to reach market. If that is what your average viewer wants, then great, you guys do a better job of that than anybody else on the market, but I am not interested. I want to know about what’s available now.
    Your team does a great job in putting out a show but I am thinking I am not the type of viewer you are targeting anymore.

    • says

      Bingo, everyone will have different experience with a product, as they have different expectation, you shouldn’t get so angry John!

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