Bob Bohr From Hudsonville Michigan Mails Threatening Letter to My House

Threat Letter
John P.

Threat LetterSo we got this piece of mail sent to our house from some guy in Michigan named Bob Bohr. My guess is that he has been trying to hunt down the person it was addressed to, and for some reason got our address. BIG MISTAKE BOB!

We opened this puzzling letter only to find Bob is apparently trying to hunt down a woman who he’s basically been stalking.

“I’ve sent you about twenty or more e-mails now and have not gotten one response.”

Gee, really Bob? Maybe that should tell you something? Leave the poor woman alone, dammit!

Apparently Bob lives at:
1377 Bent Tree Drive
Hudsonville, Michigan 49426

I especially love the part where he says:

One is a hypocrite if he or she claims to be Catholic but continues to treat others poorly.”

Especially because it’s followed almost immediately by:

I told you before that I am going to continue to pester you until I get some response. If I hear nothing from you this time I will start calling you by phone.

The end is so sweet, and very Catholic of him don’t you think:

Do the right and courteous thing and I will leave you alone forever if that is what you want.

No shit that’s what she wants Bob! If she lives in another freaking state, and she’s not responded to 20 emails already you think that sending a threatening letter in the mail is going to get you a response?

This guy is a Grade A Douchebag. Maybe someone nearby should alert the local police and tell him that one of their citizens is harassing people. Or something like that… By the way, he made some comment about the MHFM blocking his emails too? Do you think he means the Most Holy Family Monastery? Perhaps someone over there knows who this stalker is? Or perhaps they’re all a bunch of nutbags too…

What should be done about a letter like this? I certainly have no idea who the lady it was addressed to was. I just know she doesn’t live here!


  1. JD says

    It is interesting to see some of the comments on here. My guess is you can divide them between political lines and be quite accurate. Those who find this letter to be of the stalking, obnoxious arrogant variety likely lean left. And those who find the letter writer to be doing good on the right. Just my two cents, but in the end I think the responses to this letter are emblematic of the political climate in this country today.

  2. Lee says

    Isn’t opening mail not addressed to you a federal offense? I would have just marked it “Not at this address” and dropped it back in the mailbox.

  3. KB says

    Way to go, John.

    Perhaps a little internet community reaction will scare him straight and he’ll leave this woman alone.

  4. Kevin says

    Wow… you’re sortof a jerk John. While this guy was certainly being annoying and, if his description of his actions are accurate, the recipient might have grounds for a harassment-based restraining order; however, your definition of a “threatening” letter seems to be very different than, well, most peoples. Pretty sure the “Grade A Douchebag” is you. This wasn’t a real threat. There was not threat of violence and no obvious risk immediate harm indicated yet you felt the need to post his full address as if it were some sort of internet call-to-arms. What’s really fun is that if someone takes some action against the sender thanks to you and it comes back to you you very well may be charged with one of any number of crimes.

    Good job vigilante-net.

    • says

      Well, I’d argue that I’m not “sortof” a jerk – I can be a Grade A Asshole! And anyone who wants to threaten people around me should know it well, and come to fear it.

      I wasn’t kidding when I said that I would have physically beaten him if I witnessed it in person. You guys only think I’m exaggerating. I didn’t join the USMC to exaggerate.

      What many people fail to realize, and you are among them with the comment, “This wasn’t a real threat” is that this is indeed a REAL threat. Stalking someone, filling their inbox with messages, calling them incessantly, trying to find out where they live – these are all serious violations and they absolutely rattle many people, especially women.

      As a man you might think that you would only feel threatened if someone implied bodily harm. But you are not thinking about what its like to actually be on the end of this type of behavior. I’ve witnessed it multiple times and it can destroy people’s lives. And after you start wondering what kind of person can obsess over another like that, you’ll start to wonder what else that person is capable of and then you’ll understand the implied threat.

      The bottom line is that people do NOT have the right to harass others just because they aren’t getting what they want. Any form of harassment is threatening, and bullies should be called out publicly, and often.

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