Drobo Synology Test Lab

Synology DS1512+ VS. Drobo 5N – Head to Head Comparison

I’ve been wondering how exactly the $799 5 Drive Bay Synology DS1512+ compared with the new $569 5 Drive Bay Drobo 5N. And since no one else has done the comparison, I decided to pony up the cash and test them myself! I purchased the exact same drives for both of these 5 bay systems […]

Drobo Mini with 1TB Drive

The Complete Drobo Mini Review! Tests, Specifications, Photos + more!

Everything NOBODY else will tell you about the Drobo Mini. From the guy who gave Drobo the idea to build it!


Brian Brushwood’s Scam School Taps the Digital Bookshelf

Brian Brushwood is not human. At least, this is something I have come to believe. He calls himself a practitioner of bizarre magic, but this is super-clever code talk for “wizard” as near as I can tell. There is no other explanation for how this man is able to accomplish so much. He tours the […]

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