Sam the Koala Rescued After Australian Bush Fires


I first learned about this heart touching story over on The Australian. It seems that a group of fire fighters, who had been battling a massive raging inferno, responsible for killing at least 180 people, came upon a dehydrated and injured little Koala in a burned out area of the forest. One of the firemen, […]

Vote CALI LEWIS for The Best Job In The World!


Ok folks, rarely do I ask you guys for favors (in fact, I don’t think I ever have… have I?) but I’m asking you now! Cali Lewis put in an application for a contest going on to win an all expenses paid 6 month vacation to Australia, where she would be traveling around the island […]

You Can Get In Anywhere If You Say You’re the DJ


This is crazy! Thanks to Tom Barr once again for this fantastic find. Here are a couple of guys in Australia who go around to clubs that are packed and act like they are the DJ coming to work. They were just trying to see how often this ploy would work. Check it out!

The Chaser’s War on Everything – The Secret

The Secret

Holy crap. Has anyone heard of the film / book called The Secret? I hadn’t, but after watching this funny little video I feel fully informed. After reading through the massive Wikipedia entry on The Secret, you’ll learn it: …uses a documentary format to present the “Law of Attraction.” This law is the “secret” that, […]

Kangaroo Escapes at Australian Supercar Race

Kangaroo on Race Track

Wow. This is the luckiest marsupial that ever hopped the earth. Apparently a Kangaroo got loose on the track at the Bathurst Racetrack in Australia while a race was going on and about 10 cars going upwards of 200kph managed to avoid him on every side. This little guy is extremely lucky to still be […]

Pacific Ocean Near Sydney Turns to Foam

Australian Foam Beach

This is definitely one of the strangest natural phenomenon I’ve ever read about. Just imagine dumping enough dish-washing liquid into the ocean to turn all the waves into light and fluffy soap bubbles that are soft enough to blow out of your hand into the air… Well, that’s basically what happened off the coast of […]

Rare Trees for Sale

The Wollemi pine tree is a rare species that dominated the southern hemisphere for over 100 million years. And when I say “rare” what I really mean is that it was thought to be extinct until 1994 when a hiker found a grove of about 100 of the plants in the middle of a one […]

Get Drunk Quicker


Some Aussie scientists have made the fascinating discovery that drinking alcoholic beverages made with artificial sweeteners will get you hammered TWICE as fast as straight sugar based alcoholic drinks. The theory is that the sugar slows down the absorption of the alcohol in the stomach, while artificial sweeteners do nothing of the sort.

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