87 Photos From My Las Vegas Vacation

Giant Slot Machine

As anyone who has been following me on Twitter knows, I’ve been in Vegas for the last 4 days on vacation. I’m heading back home this morning, but figured that I would share a few of my photos from the trip in case anyone cares to gaze upon them. Hopefully at least a few are […]

The Fountains of Bellagio in High Definition


As a follow up to yesterday’s post with photos from Las Vegas, here is a video that I shot of the fountains outside the Bellagio with the same camera, the Canon 5D Mark II using the Canon 15mm Fisheye lens. I’ve never seen anyone else shoot the fountains with a fisheye, but it works out […]

99 Photos From the Las Vegas Strip

Ceiling Lights at New York, New York Las Vegas

I’ve been in Las Vegas for the Parallel’s convention over the last few days. Since I’ve been lugging my huge camera around taking pictures quite a few folks asked me to share them so they could take them home as well! So here you all go! These photos were captured on a Canon 5D Mark […]

Gambling and Gluttony in Las Vegas


Folks, I went to Las Vegas last week for business meetings, but during the evening I did take a little break from working on Layered Technologies and Woopra stuff for a few hours to go have dinner at the Bellagio Buffet, and then do a little gambling after dinner. Had such a great time that […]

Vegas Bound? Learn How to Gamble…

I first went to Las Vegas when I was 27 years old. Until that time I had no interest whatsoever in gambling – courtesy of one of my professors, Dr. Jargowsky, from UTD. He taught a class that dealt with statistical analysis in which I finally came to understand just how futile it is to […]

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