The 10 Craziest Competitive Sports (You Never Heard Of)

Cheese Rolling

Humans have been taking part in sporting events for thousands of years, and now we’ve got ESPN to broadcast them 24 hours a day! However, you aren’t going to see these gems on TV even if you’re watching at 2am. We’ve got a little of everything here from Camel Wrestling to Bog Snorkelling and Cheese […]

The King of New York City Bike Messengers

According to producer Louie Schwartzberg, John Yacobellis is the undisputed King of Bike Messengers. Louie produced this neat little 5 minute video that covers what it’s like to fight traffic and deliver packages in the busiest city in America. Oh, and if you didn’t see it previously check out my post on the NYC Bike […]

Top 10 Kids Who Prove We’re All Pathetic

There is nothing to make you feel more pathetic than a kid that can kick your ass at something. And I’m not talking about the accidental “I win” in a game of soccer in the front yard. I’m talking about a good spanking from a kid who can make a professional adult look like an […]

Insane New York City Bike Messenger Race

I love New York! It is truly one of the world’s greatest cities, but I must say there are some of the worst drivers in the country clogging up the roads in Manhattan (yeah, I’ve driven there). So, its a little surprising that anyone would willingly get on a bicycle and fling themself infront of […]

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