The Golden Gate Bridge at 18,000 x 8,500 Resolution

Golden Gate at Night

This is a photo I took at night by the Golden Gate bridge the last time I was in San Francisco. It’s ok. No big deal… But what makes it interesting is that I thought I’d try out a new plugin for Photoshop from onOne called Perfect Resize 7. I wanted to blow this image […]

An Exclusive Video Tour of the DreamWorks Animation Studios


Cali Lewis and I had the rare opportunity to travel to Los Angeles for a Samsung sponsored event at the DreamWorks facility. We spent about half of the day getting updates on the state of the very impressive new Samsung television lineup, and we spent the other half getting a personal tour of the DreamWorks […]

Photo: Amazing San Francisco Street Artist

San Fran Street Artist

My friend (and Woopra partner) Elie Khoury and I were wandering around the Embarcadero in San Francisco when we came across this nice Asian lady who was doing portrait sketches on the sidewalk. She had a client whose picture she was drawing and we were amazed as we sat and watched. Elie and I started […]

Animoto – The Photo and Video Mashup Service

Animoto is Working

Howdy folks! Here is a little video we shot at South by Southwest last week with the folks from Animoto. It’s a neat little service that I think you will enjoy…

Los Angeles Fires Raging Uncontrollably

LA Fires Caught on Camera

The fires in LA are seriously out of control. If you have any doubt, here is a very impressive time-lapse video that Brandon Riza shot, with his Canon 5D Mark II I might add. First of all, the fires are very scary, and I feel bad for the folks in California right now. I hope […]

A Visit to the Boudin Bakery in San Francisco

Boudin Bakery Bear Bread

Today I went down to the Boudin Bakery on Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco to get some fresh baked sourdough and some of their delicious clam chowder. When I arrived, there was a group of people huddled around the window where they are usually making the bread. Only this time, a nice young lady was […]

A Photographic Journey Through Muir Woods National Park


The Muir Woods are honestly one of my favorite places. Less than 30 minutes from the majestic Golden Gate Bridge, you can be standing in one of the last remaining giant redwood forests on Earth. Surrounded by these magnificent towering creatures, many over 600 years old, it provides a peaceful place to sit and contemplate […]

Mann’s Chinese Theatre and the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Mann's Chinese Theater

Today I had to tell a couple of people about the Hollywood Walk of Fame and Mann’s Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles, California. So I figured that I would take a minute and make sure that everyone knows about this place. Most people have probably seen movies and things that have the Hollywood Walk of […]

Photos From San Francisco’s Bay Bridge Area

Embarcadero Mall Ramp

This evening between intermittent rain and drizzle I walked around and managed to take a few photos in the area around the Hyatt Regency, where I’m staying, which is on the Embarcadero down by the Bay Bridge. In fact, Pier 14 is a fantastic place to walk out on the water and take photos of […]

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