YES! Russian Tank Treads for Your Minivan (or Car… Whatever)!

Tank Treads For Your Car

Why don’t American’s come up with unbelievably cool crap like this? I mean you know all those record snow storms we were whining about? They wouldn’t matter if your car had its own set of tank tread snowshoes! Essentially you just drive your Volkswagen bug, or Ford F150 up onto these tank treads and then […]

Stuck in Customs HDR Book Contest Day 2 – Vehicle Photos


Ahhh! Day 2 of the Stuck in Customs A World in HDR book giveaway contest, made possible by PeachPit of course! Of course, today is my favorite because the theme of the day is vehicles! And I do love vehicles! So, this first one we’ve got here is a photo I took this weekend in […]

For the Record, Lincoln Continentals Can’t Fly

Flying Yellow Lincoln Continental

Just imagine. It’s 1975 and Evil Knievel has already stolen all of your best ideas for crazy ways you can damage your own frail little body. No matter! You are pimping your best Tom Selleck look – and you’ve got a Lincoln Continental! What else could you possibly need?!? Wait! I know! How about if […]

Psycho Women Battle For Parking Spot

Woman Pushes Car from Parking Space

I don’t know about everyone else, but I’ve had situations before when I was waiting for a parking space and someone rudely pulled in before me. This is normally when I was waiting at a weird angle and they couldn’t quite see me. Although this really pisses me off, the most I’ve ever done is […]

Do NOT Mess With Little Old Ladies in Texas!

This little gem comes from the morning radio show of Roger, Rick and Marilyn over at CHUM FM, and was once again found by my buddy Jimbeau! By the time I was done listening to it, I was laughing so hard it hurt. Let me set the scene for you before you listen to it. […]

Don’t Talk on the Cell Phone While Driving

Sorry I’ve been pretty vacant for the last few days, but on Monday evening I got a call that my brother and his fiance were in a terrible car wreck down in Houston. My wife packed my stuff in about 20 minutes while I prepared and then headed out for the 4 hour drive. It […]

One Man Gets a New NSX!


I am pleased to announce that I will soon be picking up my newly acquired 1993 black Acura NSX which I am purchasing from a long time member of the NSX Prime group named Brandee. The car is in San Francisco, but I’ll be meeting Brandee a week from today to pick it up and […]

Saving Money is as Good as Making It!


It’s true. There is nothing like making a few $Hundred grand a year. But almost as good is buying stuff for half what it’s worth! So, being the excellent consumer I am, The Man has compiled a list of 8 great tips for saving loads of cash. I’m not being paid a dime to make […]

All I Want for Christmas… Toyota Volta


Why does Toyota torment me like this? They build the coolest, most beautiful concept car on the planet and then refuse to manufacture it. Someone should be shot! Seriously, I’d take the very first one of these to roll off an assembly line if they would just build it. And I MEAN that. Jim Press […]

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