Tutorial: The Inside Out Cheeseburger (Yep, Cheese on the Inside!)

John P.'s Cheeseburgers

Here is just a little video I threw together with my friend AJ Wood while demonstrating how to use a few of the effects in iMovie. Nonetheless, I’ve had a lot of complements on my cheeseburgers ever since I learned how to make them from the guys working the grill at Whole Foods Market in […]

The 10 Craziest Competitive Sports (You Never Heard Of)

Cheese Rolling

Humans have been taking part in sporting events for thousands of years, and now we’ve got ESPN to broadcast them 24 hours a day! However, you aren’t going to see these gems on TV even if you’re watching at 2am. We’ve got a little of everything here from Camel Wrestling to Bog Snorkelling and Cheese […]

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