Hidden Symbolism in Logos: 10 Awesome Examples


Logos are a marketing tool that are based completely around brand recognition. While you can do a lot based on a name, seeing an image will stick more permanently in someone’s mind. Even if they are not aware of it, when people look at a familiar brand there is an immediate spark of recognition that […]

Dual-Meaning Typography – Art, Designs and Illusions

Love / Hate

(Image by Peter Sebastian, the master of dual-meaning typography) What is Dual-meaning Typography? When you give some serious thought to design, whether on the web or hard copy, the ultimate goal is communication. And without the art of typography, communication would be extremely difficult, if not altogether impossible. Ah, you are thinking: Well, DUH; of […]

The Massive Business Card Gallery – Over 250 Amazing Business Cards


I’ve long been a fan of the business card. I think it is a serious art form because you try and say so much about a person or organization with so little room to work with. It takes a creative genius to really make a fantastic impression with a business card, and after all… that’s […]