Want to Lose Weight? It’s Simple, and Here’s How


Seems like billions of books and diets are being sold to try and teach people how to lose weight. But you don’t need any of them! You’re biologically programmed to lose weight! In fact, every minute of every day you are consuming energy just breathing, pumping blood with your heart, and converting chemical energy to […]

The 2012 John P. Health Challenge Begins April 2!

Are you ready for the winter to be over? And by that, I mean are you ready to don a bathing suit and show your almost naked body to the world this summer? Me neither. So that means its time for another John P. Health Challenge! Next Monday we’ll begin and this year the challenge […]

The John P. Health Challenge Starts May 1, 2011! Prizes and Glory Await You!!!

US Army Golden Knights

Well, it’s that time again! The John P. Health Challenge is BACK! The health challenge was invented by my friend Jack Finlayson, CEO of Layered Tech, but I kind of took it an adapted it. The first thing I can tell you is that this program works! You can see my documented results from the […]

Diet Coke Makes You FAT – So, Don’t Drink It!


Yeah, I said it. But there is a lot of data to support this fact, and we’re going to run it down for you. Because everyone I know who considers themselves overweight also drinks diet drinks – as if they think this helps. Well, it doesn’t. It hurts! So stop drinking that crap! Here’s why… […]

The John P. Health Challenge 2010 Official Rules!

Boy Jumping on Beach

Ok folks, you’ve got less than 2 weeks of gluttony left before the Health Challenge starts again. We’re going to be getting in shape together after this holiday situation as a New Year’s Resolution, Ok? So who is with me on this? And by the way, there are going to be a number of changes […]

Return of the John P. Health Challenge – Begins Jan. 1, 2010!

Back in April I shared my plans for a diet and exercise routine that I called the John P. Health Challenge. This was all about getting myself in better shape, and letting everyone know in case they wanted to join in. At the time over 100 people decided they wanted to get in better shape […]

The John P. Health Challenge Update #3

Wow. Has it really only been less than 5 weeks since we started the Health Challenge? That is so hard for me to believe. Granted, I started a couple of weeks before everyone else, but really even I’ve only been doing this for about 6-7 weeks. So let’s review the results so far shall we? […]

The John P. Health Challenge Update #2

John P. Doing Pullups

I’m back with another Health Challenge update for you guys. It’s been about two weeks since the last update, and when I last came to you I weighed 183 (down from a high of 195). Those of you who are checking in on the Health Challenge page have seen me documenting the changes occurring as […]

The John P. Health Challenge Update #1


For those of you who are keeping up with my Health Challenge, here’s my first update. I’ll try and give these updates weekly about how it’s going for me personally as well as some tips and things that might help you guys along. Some of you know may know that I personally started the Health […]

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