PayPal to Offer Password Key Fobs to Users

In the recent past I’ve done a lot of harping on the security woes of financial institutions (see here, here, and here) so when I saw this announcement I was both extremely happy and a little disappointed at the same time. PayPal is about to issue SecureID cards to all business clients in order to […]

Save Money on Shipping – Find Nearby Auctions!

There is a very interesting new site called Bid Nearby which is a mashup, or combination, of eBay and Craig’s List auctions overlaid onto a Google map in a given area. Simply go enter the item you’re looking for and the site will display a map showing clickable pins which pop up descriptions of the […]

Saving Money is as Good as Making It!


It’s true. There is nothing like making a few $Hundred grand a year. But almost as good is buying stuff for half what it’s worth! So, being the excellent consumer I am, The Man has compiled a list of 8 great tips for saving loads of cash. I’m not being paid a dime to make […]

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