Learning The 50 State Capitals Via A Rap Song

50 State Capitals

As a kid, I did struggle in school trying to learn all of the State Capitals for The United States. What I would have done back in the day to have this little teaching aid to learn them!! Educationalrap.com along with their great collection of raps to help educate children in school comes this song […]

What a Year on Earth Really Looks Like

one year on earth is complicated.

“How long is one year?” What’s the answer to that question? Most of us would reply, “365 days,” but we wouldn’t necessarily be correct. While we’ve been trained and told to round to 365 days, the measurement of a year is much more complex than a simple number. First of all, how do you measure […]

The Global Economy: 10 Astounding Infographics Comparing Money Matters Around the World


It goes without the saying that comparing wealth and spending in different countries is almost impossible: people work, earn and even spend differently – moreover, their ways of life and views can be too different to compare. However, we still try to compare because people move around the world and they want to know what […]

Educational Qualifications: Obama and Biden vs. McCain and Palin

Sarah Palin

Since we’re in the process of selecting not only the new leaders of the United States, but also the new leaders of the Free World, I wanted to do a little research on their educational backgrounds. Personally I view wisdom as an important trait in a leader, and there can be no wisdom without knowledge. […]

WordCamp 2008 San Fran: Alan Levine – It’s All You Can WordPress at the EduBlog Diner

Alan Levine

Alan Levine gave the opening presentation at WordCamp 2008 in San Francisco entitled “It’s All You Can WordPress at the EduBlog Diner”. Luckily for all of us, he’s also put together an amazing blog post to accompany his presentation, complete with links to the many, many Web sites he referenced. (Just like an educator to […]

Disney’s Story of Menstruation

Disney's Story of Menstruation

Yes kiddies, I said Disney. In 1946, Walt Disney produced an animated film called “The Story of Menstruation“. At the time, Disney was hurting for cash because World War II killed the European market, which cut off a significant source of Disney’s revenues. At home “Fantasia” was a major commercial failure, draining more money from […]

Just a Whole Boatload of Schoolhouse Rock

I came across one of the Schoolhouse Rock videos and was going to post it for old time’s sake, then I figured that everyone would have a different favorite, so I better post them all. That was also before I remembered how many of them there are! Anyway, I wasted half the day gathering as […]

MIT Offers All Courses Free Online

MIT’s OpenCourseWare project aims to offer the complete course material for every class online, free of charge. President Susan Hockfield offers this explanation: “OpenCourseWare expresses in an immediate and far-reaching way MIT’s goal of advancing education around the world. Through MIT OCW, educators and students everywhere can benefit from the academic activities of our faculty […]

Tough-love for Teen: Two Years. With Monks. In Cambodia.

This is an AWESOME story of a mother not just talking – but actually doing everything she can to ensure that her child turned out right. Chou Sa-Ngoun was desperate. Her teenage son was skipping school for weeks at a time, using drugs, getting arrested, staying out all night, hanging out with the wrong kids. […]

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