Microsoft’s Free Office Templates

Most people don’t know this, but Microsoft maintains a large library of additional templates and documents that open right up in the Office suite. There are templates for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote and just about every other Microsoft application. Here is a rather complete categorical listing of the available Microsoft templates. Enjoy!

My ISP Sucks… How About Yours?

Lately I’ve been very unhappy with my cable modem provider, formerly Comcast and now Time Warner. I constantly have intermittent problems and I’m certain that my service is not running as fast as it should. Thanks to a little software application by PC Magazine, I’m now certain that my hunch is actually correct.

Track Your Travel Awards Off-line


There are several sites out there that are designed to help keep track of your travel rewards programs (,, etc.). However, there is also some free software which might work better for folks who prefer to keep all of that personal information on their own laptop as opposed to some site out on the […]

Send Video eMails for FREE


SpringDoo is a great little site that allows you to send a video e-mail to whomever you wish as long as you have a simple Webcam. They have a fantastic, and quite amusing, little video that demonstrates how to use the service here. So really, you have no excuse to not try it out if […]

FREE Spam Protection for Outlook


Have you noticed that Outlook’s native Spam protection is severely lacking? Well, there is a great little freeware application called SpamAware which will increase your Spam fighting abilities. The software installs quickly and easily and works as advertised. It adds a number of new options and works with both Outlook and Outlook Express. The software […]

Adobe Reader Sucks!


Anyone that has ever clicked on a PDF document in a web page and then waited, in excruciating agony, for the unbelievably bloated Adobe Reader to open it knows exactly what I’m talking about. So, why not do something about it?

Digital Photo Tips

Frisco Style Photo Article - small.jpg

Frisco Style magazine recently published an article that I authored, which has my top tips for digital photography. The article is geared towards those who are getting started and need some good tips to point them in the right direction. Among those tips, I advise people to use Google’s free Picasa for image management and […]

Access Your PC From Anywhere (FREE!)

Ever wished you could get something off your computer while you were out of the office or away from home? Well stop dreaming because here are four free ways to make it happen!

News Readers and Web Sites (Oh my!)

You see all those little links at the side of the page that say “Subscribe”? Well, those are made possible by a technology called RSS (Really Simple Syndication). They allow an automated program to quickly check a web site and present only what’s been updated since the last time you visited.