Dys4ia is a Game that Just Wants You to be Yourself

dys4ia logo

I’ve recently had a very interesting and emotional experience. In my Twitter feed last week I came across a link to a flash game on Newgrounds called DyS4ia. The text that accompanied the tweet simply read “You need to play this”. What I found was less of a game and more of a way to […]

A Philosophical Look at Marriage: Straight, Gay, Polygamy… Who Cares?

Guy With Horns

Here is a question: There is a couple that wants to get married. The guy is a satanic priest with body modifications including piercings all over his body, horns implanted under his skin on his shaved skull and tattoos from head to toe. Let’s also imagine he’s also a convicted rapist, wife abuser and pedophile. […]

Brutal “Hate Crime” Beating Caught on Video


Less than two weeks ago, an absolutely brutal beating was caught on video in New York when two men decided to give a gay man “a beat down”. Daniel Rodriguez (21) and Daniel Aleman (26) pummeled Jack Price who ended up in a coma after the incident with a fractured jaw, ribs and a lacerated […]

Iraqi Government to Execute 128 Men Because They’re Gay

Dead Gay Iraqis

According to an exiled member of the Iraqi Gay and Lesbian community, the Iraqi government (which is currently propped up by the US military) is about to begin a string of executions of 128 men who are guilty solely of the “crime” of homosexuality. The tragedy is that I haven’t seen or heard anything about […]

Independent Comparison of Democratic vs. Republican Platforms

Barack Obama

Folks, I’m neither a Democrat, nor a Republican. But my mom asked me to give her an unbiased, factual rundown on the political platforms – so what my mother wants, my mother gets! Here you go Mom… I’m making the presumption that the two candidates who are going to actually be running for President are […]

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