It’s Official – Al Gore Wins Nobel Peace Prize

Al Gore Wins Nobel Prize

Folks, I’ve been saying that if you haven’t already, you NEED to see An Inconvenient Truth. If it doesn’t change the way you look at the world, then you probably have no heart. (Grin!) I also previously reported that Gore had been Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize. This is not just because he made a […]

Short Film – The End of the World

In line with the environmental topics of earlier in the week, I came across this interesting little cartoon that addresses the issue of “action and reaction” when it comes to our personal habits. The film does a good job of demonstrating how everything is interrelated while also delivering hope for the future. Enjoy…

A Beginner’s Guide to Giving a Damn About Climate Change

I came across this great little video called “A Beginner’s Guide to Giving a Damn About Climate Change”. I think it was somehow associated with the Live Earth event. Anyway, the premise of the video is things you can do without actually changing the way you live your life. Despite the use of the word […]

Best Argument I’ve Heard to Take Global Warming Seriously

I think by now everyone knows what side of the environmental debate I’m on. And I’m aware that I have friends and relatives that still have differing opinions on the matter. When we discuss it I normally argue that the consequences of being wrong about global warming are potentially far, far worse than the cost […]

Chart: Presidential Candidate Positions on Global Warming

In case you happen to care about Global Warming as an issue in the next Presidential election (in like 20 years…) there is a complete chart of every candidates positions over at The League of Conservation Voters. There is also a PDF version you can download.

Simple Things You Can Do To Stop Global Warming

There is a great list of practical things that each of us can do to actually slow down or reverse the damage being done to our little planet over at I’ve shortend the list a bit here, but you can always use the link above to get the original.

Al Gore to Testify Before Congress

If you’re interested in contributing to the effort to fight Global Warming, now is the time to actually do something. On March 21st Al Gore will be testifying before congress about the topic and he has almost 300,000 digital signatures he’s taking with him. You can add your name to the list in about 30 […]

Spoof: Bush’s Special Announcement on Global Warming

Will Ferrell spoofs George W. Bush on a TBS special in support of As usual Will Ferrell had me laughing out loud a couple of times. My favorite quote: “Global warming is an issue my administration is very concerned about. Deeply. Deeply, in a deep kind of concerned way. I start my day and […]

Global Warming May Have Wiped Out Dinosaurs

From the American Society for Microbiology… You know how we’ve been hearing for years that a huge impact probably wiped out the dinosaurs? Well, now it seems there is evidence to suggest that those silly scientists were off by a few hundred thousand years! Gerta Keller of Princeton University claims that it was more likely […]

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