Google Search is Screwed Up

Google is Screwed Up

For hours today every time I do a Google search it comes back with a “we’re sorry” message and makes me keep putting in a capcha. WTF? I know it’s not something on my PC because the same thing is occurring with searches conducted from OMB’s built in Google search. Specifically the error reads: We’re […]

Check Your Site’s Digg Saturation Level

Blogstorm had a fun little post a couple of days ago which inspired me to whip up this little search tool. I came across the article on Weblog Tools Collection which had the following to say: Digg saturation: Patrick from Blogstorm came up with a way to rank websites using a Digg saturation value that […]

How To Bootleg Movies, Music and Software Online

I keep wondering two things, why does the RIAA continue to persecute people, and more importantly why do people do stupid enough things to keep getting prosecuted? That organization exists for the sole purpose of suing the pants off of people, but they can only do so when people leave plenty of evidence about their […]

The Google Phone – Coming Soon!

Google Phone

I’ve been holding off on sharing this information, which is really mostly rumor and speculation, up to this point – but Google is supposedly readying the launch of a new cellular phone which will come GPS and have built in access to Google Maps, Gmail, Calendar and Docs. Google previously bid for the FCC’s 700MHz […]

Google Pays You $10 to Take Photos of Local Businesses!

Google recently launched a pretty amazing program clearly designed to build out their base of information for the Google Local Search. And only a company like Google could actually afford to do this! They are honestly paying up to $10 for each business you manage to take photos of and get updated in Google’s database. […]

Buy Cheap Viagra And SEO

I bet that headline got everyone’s attention! No, I’m not starting up an illicit internet drug trade, but I am testing out a search engine theory. (By the way, if you want to help test this theory please link to this article.) Aaron Wall proposed the question, “How Easily do Authoritative Sites Rank for New […]

Google Offers Free Universal Phone Numbers – And I’ve Got Invites

Google recently acquired a company called GrandCentral, which I was preparing to do a review of anyway after testing the service out a bit. This only makes the offering all that much stronger, and in my opinion it’s something everyone should try out. Here is the Google acquisition announcement which took about 2 seconds to […]

Google + Holocaust Museum on Darfur Genocide

Google has teamed up with the Holocaust Museum to create a complete interactive map that can be viewed in Google Earth which shows the ongoing slaughter and torture of millions of people in Darfur. You’d have to be living under a rock not to know this was going on, but it seems the “civilized world” […]

Google’s Free Local Phone Search: 800-GOOG-411

Google has launched an experimental service called Google Voice Local Search which makes local-business searches accessible over the phone. And it’s free. Google doesn’t charge you a thing for the call or for connecting you to the business. So stop dialing 411 and paying those astronomical Cell phone charges! Here is a sample call I […]

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