250 Photos From the Lingerie Football League!!!

Lingerie Football League

On Friday night my friend Mark Ramsey took me out to watch the Dallas Desire take on the Los Angeles Temptation. You might be saying, “the WHO take on the WHAT”? Yeah, I know. And no this is not a joke – those are two of the teams that make up the Lingerie Football League! […]

Here’s a Good Porn Video For You


HaHaHa! I knew that title was going to grab your attention, cause lets face it – sex sells. And so as not to disappoint you, I’m actually going to show you a video about porn produced by Good Magazine! Be aware that although there is no nudity, the hot chick in the video is almost […]

Pole Dancers at the Flamingo Casino in Las Vegas

Pole Dancers at Flamingo

Well, I’ve written about the Pole Dancing craze that seems to be sweeping the world. But in this case, there are a couple of ladies who are on the job over at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino and they aren’t just doing this for the exercise. The setup for this video is that we were […]

Question: Sexy Pamela Anderson Photos – Hot, or Not?

Pamela Anderson is Hot!

It’s hard to even imagine this conversation, but a friend and I were arguing as to whether or not Pamela Anderson is hot. Yeah, you know… the real Pamela Anderson! The one who is the most downloaded woman in history. Well, my friend maintained that she was too slutty to be able to be considered […]

The World’s Hottest Divorce Lawyer – Bar None!

Corri Fetman in a Life is Short, Get a Divorce T-Shirt

Ok, divorce sucks. And I don’t recommend it to anyone! But if you are going to get a divorce you might want to consider Playmate Corri Fetman. The hottest attorney on the planet. Not only did she pose for Playboy magazine, but she now has a regular column writing for them called The Lawyer of […]

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