How the Internet Was Invented – A History of the Internet


Back in January 2006 an article was published in Electronic Publishing magazine, which has since gone away, that dealt with the origins of the Internet. It was written by the founder of that publication and Professor Emeritus of Rochester Institute of Technology, Frank Romano, and I’ve attached a scan of the original document here. The […]

Six Lesser Known Facts About Solar Energy

Solar Energy Facts

The average person knows the basic stuff about solar energy, for example, what it is and the fact that it’s considered better for the environment than other forms of energy. Almost every country in the world has at least 2 percent of energy that is solar energy; however, there are several facts about solar energy […]

Internet Access: A (Modern) Basic Human Right


That title may be upsetting to some but it gets my basic point across. We live in a world, not just the “first world” where our lives and destinies rely on our ability to communicate with each other. If you distill this concept, it’s really always been that way. Our ability to directly communicate via […]

A Video History of the Internet


I’ve seen a few decent writeups on the History of the Internet, but this short video crams a working history into about 8 minutes that anyone can follow. Now, it will start using some funky technical terms like TCP and IP, but they introduce it in such a way that I think almost anyone can […]

The World Wide Web Circa 1994

Microsoft's Web site in 1994

This three-minute promotional video from Digital Equipment Corporation produced in 1994 sure takes me back. At that time people were using 14.4kbps Modems to dial into an Internet service provider and read pages on the Web. And the number of sites was only in the hundreds or possibly thousands. Compare that to today… there are […]

Protect Your Privacy, Delete Internet Usage Tracks

Here’s a question I received from a reader: Can you recommend a good hard drive sweeper? I need to clean up my PC at work… been surfing the net a little too much. Well yes. Yes I can…

“Ancient” Internet TV News Special from 1993

On October 8, 1993 CBS ran the following news article entitled A network called ‘Internet’. It’s fascinating to look back at the early days, and I recall them very well. In fact, by the time this video aired I had been online for years, and had even been selling PCs with modems and Internet connectivity […]

My 51 Favorite Freeware Apps for Windows

People routinely ask about my favorite software so, I’ve decided to gather all my top picks in one place to make every one’s life a little easier. All of the software listed here is free for personal use, meaning: Any of this software can be installed and used at absolutely no charge, forever. There is […]

Internet Growth Statistics

According to CNN, who is quoting Netcraft – the Neilson’s of the Internet world – the Web just topped the 100 million domain name marker. Additionally, Time Magazine says that Technorati is claiming that 100,000 new blogs are created each day with over 1.3 million posts added daily.

Web Statistics