Brian Brushwood’s Scam School Taps the Digital Bookshelf


Brian Brushwood is not human. At least, this is something I have come to believe. He calls himself a practitioner of bizarre magic, but this is super-clever code talk for “wizard” as near as I can tell. There is no other explanation for how this man is able to accomplish so much. He tours the […]

Mishaal Al Gergawi Wins My iPad!!!

Mishaal Al Gergawi

Ok folks, I’ve been a little slow in getting this out, but before I leave on my weeklong trek to the Indy 500 I wanted to get the announcement out about the iPad contest winner! Congrats to Mishaal Al Gergawi from Dubai! He lives in a place I would very much like to visit one […]

The iPad Case Finder Site Has it ALL!

iPad Case Finder

Ok. Let’s say you get a new iPad. And let’s say that you look at the Apple case for it. And let’s say that you arrive at the conclusion it sucks. Normally you might break down and cry. It’s ok there big fella… let it all out! But when you’re done, head on over to […]

Jake and Amir Explain Why iPad is SO Great!


I believe that Jake and Amir accurately summarize all of the points about why I think the iPad is such a revolutionary tool. You’d be wise to heed their advice and run out and get one. Or two. BUT NOT THREE!!! Of course, I am going to give one away soon, so you could also […]

Yes, I’m Giving Away an iPad

Hey Gang! Call it shameless self promotion… call it unbridled lust for power… call it “Crazy Johnny’s Free Stuff Giveaway!” But whatever you do, please check out my iPad Giveaway page, and how about doing me a favor and participating in it? I have about 20 good reasons for you all to help me with […]

Apple Screwed Me With an iPad

Apple iPad

While everyone else is gushing about how much they love their little shiny black and silver iPad, I’m here to tell you the dark truth behind the iPad. Yeah, that’s right, this is the stuff Apple doesn’t want you to know! So, I ordered a couple of iPads from the Apple store online like 15 […]

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