Photos from the American Bladesmith Piney Woods Hammer In – 2015

Mike Ruth Grinding a Damascus Billet

Last weekend I attended the American Bladesmith Society’s Piney Woods Spring Hammer-In at the Moran School of Bladesmithing in Washington, Arkansas. Being a member of the ABS and a bladesmith myself, this is just a fun, relaxing weekend where bladesmiths get together and swap stories and techniques – and it’s a wonderful time to hang […]

Cali Lewis’ Top 10 Must Have Survival Gear List

Cali Lewis and a Big Ass Knife

Here’s a fun one folks! Cali teamed up with the Discovery channel’s The Colony experiment and put together this Top 10 list of survival necessities. If you find that the world is coming to an end, you might just want to have these items on hand. My favorite is number 5! Let me know what […]

How to Professionally Sharpen a Knife

EdgePro Sharpener

One of my readers (Kirk) wrote in with the following question: I have just purchased the whole set of Katana knives plus a few extra to fill the block. My question is, how the heck do you use that steel properly to keep them as sharp as they were out of the box? Is that […]

The Best Kitchen Knives for Every Budget

As a professionally trained Bladesmith I’m often asked for my opinion on affordable, commercially available cutlery that can be purchased locally. Since I’ve answered this question many times for friends and family I thought it might be useful to share here on the Blog. Before we get started let me just say that there are […]

Bladesmithing: Forging Damascus Steel Knives

Daniel Gentile, a bladesmith in Switzerland, recently posted a video online demonstrating many of the steps involved in the production of Damascus – or pattern-welded steel. Those of you who know me are aware that I am also a Bladesmith and I studied under four separate American Bladesmith Society Master Bladesmiths, Joe Flournoy, Mike Williams, […]

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