Mac Podcasting 101: GarageBand, Skype and the Behringer Xenyx 1202FX Mixer

Studio 2

Although we’re constantly improving and updating the method of recording Wealth Nation, I spent the day going through and setting up a new configuration of our recording studio for the podcast, and I figured I would document explicit instructions on exactly how you can duplicate the setup we use. Keep in mind that I am […]

27 Mac OSX Freeware Applications I Use and Recommend


A while back I chronicled my 51 Favorite Freeware Apps for Windows because it helps me keep a list of what I need to install when I’m trying to set up a new PC. And of course I also listed the 50 Free iPhone Apps I Love and Use, and even my Free Themes and […]

Introducing the World’s First 640GB Notebook (It’s a MacBook Pro)!

Hard Drive Comparison

I’ve been doing a lot of photography with my Canon 5D Mark II 21MP camera, and each image taken in RAW format is about 25MB! So, needless to say, I’ve been using up a whole lot of hard drive space. Even though I upgraded my MacBook Pro to a 500GB drive a month ago, it’s […]

NetStumbler for Mac – Free MacOS WiFi Network Finders


Before I switched to Mac, I used to love to use NetStumbler for Windows. It is a tool that allows you to find any WiFi network and learn a lot about them. This tool even lets you make note of GPS coordinates and do a little thing that people like to call WarDriving. Not that […]

How to Change Time Machine’s Backup Schedule


Have any of you Mac users noticed that if you have Time Machine enabled, it will absolutely drag your system down when it decides to perform a back up while you are working? It was driving me absolutely nuts until Cali pointed me to a little freeware application called Time Machine Editor 2.1.

Add AVI Movie / Video Drivers to Your Mac with Perian


If you ever try to play certain movies on your Mac without having the correct driver installed, you are going to get nothing more than a black screen. No fear! Perian is here to save you! Just download and install this little applet which adds itself to your System Preferences menu, and you can watch […]

REVIEW: EVGA USB VGA Adapter Adds Two or MORE Monitors to MacBook Pro

EVGA UV Plus+ UV-16

I just received a few EVGA USB VGA Adapters from and installed them so that I could hook up two more external monitors to my MacBook Pro. Now that I’ve done that, I may just add a couple more for no reason other than the fact that… I can! The EVGA USB VGA Adapter […]

Tutorial: How to Burn a VIDEO_TS Folder to DVD on a Mac

Let’s say that for some reason you decide to make a copy of a DVD. Like you want it for backup purposes or whatever. If you’ve got a Mac, it’s your lucky day. Here is how to do it: Use the Finder to copy the VIDEO_TS folder to your local hard drive. Download the DVDImager […]

A Direct Comparison of Picasa for Mac vs. iPhoto


Yesterday was the day I’ve been waiting on for months. Google finally released the popular, and FREE, Picasa image management software for the Mac! Let me explain. You see, a while back I was forcibly converted to the Mac at work. At first I complained. A lot. But later it grew on me. Now, even […]

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