Why I Opted OUT of the Mercedes Benz Tweet Race (or… How NOT to Run a Contest)

Twitter Fun

Last week I came across what sounded like a neat little Twitter contest that Mercedes Benz was running. As a Mercedes owner I took an interest when I saw that they were looking for people who were willing to drive a Mercedes across the country while tweeting for a chance to win a new car […]

Yes, I Sued Neal Campbell for Libel and Defamation

Neal Calls Me Satanic - Sep 4, 2010 at 1:45 am

Its a sad day, but one that was destined to come – not because of what I’ve done, but because Neal Campbell has been defaming me for nearly a year and there are no signs that he’s ever going to let up. What makes the story more sad is that Neal is someone I used […]

Muslim Women are LUCKY to be Beaten!

Muslim Beatings

Islamic clerics never cease to amaze me with their dazzling intellect and incredible application of truly dizzying logic. Here we have an interview from some TV station in the Middle East where a reporter (and I use that term very loosly) has a cleic explaining the proper ways to beat your wife (or wives as […]

VistaPrint.com Is Threatening to Sue Me Over a Blog Comment. Really???

Hubber's Comment

It never ceases to amaze me what bad decisions some corporate executives can make. But here comes a brand new one… Three years ago I gave VistaPrint.com a try for some cards or something. Who cares what it was… I had a bad experience. I wrote about it on my blog. End of story. Except […]

Road & Track Magazine Pushes Penis Enlargement Pills

Penis Ad - Small

Does anyone else Read Road & Track magazine? Are you as sick as me of turning through the pages at the back of the magazine and finding the Penis Enlargement ads? What the hell is up these guys? Are they THAT broke? I mean, as I read through the magazine and see Ferraris, Bugattis, and […]

Dear FTC, You Can Kiss My Blogging Ass!

John P Celebrity Comparison

At least three people have asked me what I think about the new FTC guidelines dealing with Bloggers who accept freebies. For those of you who didn’t know it, the rules went into effect on December 1, 2009 in the US, so if you have a blog you better be aware of what we’re talking […]

A Philosophical Look at Marriage: Straight, Gay, Polygamy… Who Cares?

Guy With Horns

Here is a question: There is a couple that wants to get married. The guy is a satanic priest with body modifications including piercings all over his body, horns implanted under his skin on his shaved skull and tattoos from head to toe. Let’s also imagine he’s also a convicted rapist, wife abuser and pedophile. […]

Hey, How About NOT Being an A-Hole?

Gorilla with an Attitude

Have you ever been to the zoo? I was at the Dallas Zoo the other day, staring at the primates. Don’t worry, they were staring right back. Anyway, this big male gorilla, who had been sitting quietly with a couple of females laying around nearby, suddenly just got up and freaked out. Now, I should […]

British Couple Commits Suicide Together After 54 Years of Marriage


Just a few weeks ago my beloved dog Sandy came to the end of a long and debilitating struggle with kidney failure. My wife and I did everything we could to prolong her life and make her happy and comfortable, but none of us can cheat death, and eventually it was upon us. One of […]

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