Obama Hits the AIG Spot


Much love to my boy Philly D for this little gem. This is the best little cartoon I’ve seen about the new Obama administration yet. We’ve got all your favorite characters in here… Hillary, Holder, Biden, Emmanuel, Geitner – take your pick. So, after you take a look at this, let me know if it […]

The Incompetent, the Corrupt and the Inept… or, Why We’re in Financial Crisis

Harry Markopolos

My father forwarded this message to me via e-mail from a friend of his (not sure of the origin). I’m not taking sides here, but I think it’s interesting enough that it deserves examination. Would love to hear opinions on this before I share my own. Henry Markopolos (JP Edit: actually Harry Markopolous… but it’s […]

From the Sand Pit – Message From a Recon Marine in Afghanistan

Marine in Afghanistan

Wow! I’m not sure if the letter below is legitimate or fabricated. It sounds like it could be from a real Marine, and so I’m going to publish it just in case. Either way, it gives you a lot to think about… It’s freezing here. I’m sitting on hard, cold dirt between rocks and shrubs […]

President Barack Obama’s 2009 Inauguration and Address


Today The United States of America took a profound step forward. I don’t believe that any of us can yet comprehend the gravity of the day, but I am certain that we witnessed an event that will be forever etched in history. We, the people, freely elected Barack Hussein Obama as our leader, and today […]

Castro’s Cuba Leaves Nothing to Be Admired


I have a very close friend (who shall go unnammed) that seems to admire Fidel Castro. Well my friend, I came across this post at IBD editorials about Cuba’s 50 years of failure, and I just had to share it! Spare us the fireworks and media-parroted claims of Fidel Castro’s dictatorship bringing universal health care […]

Thugs Riot All Across Greece Over Student Shooting

Clash During Greek Riot

From the BBC: Fresh clashes have broken out between police and protesters in Athens and other cities, after a night of rioting triggered by the police shooting dead a youth. Greek authorities say the shooting took place after youths attacked a police car with stones and petrol bombs. Two police officers have been arrested in […]

The Best Argument FOR Gay Marriage

We want to be miserable too...

Here you go. The best argument ever to allow gay marriage… Thanks to lleannee.

This Obama Craziness Has Got to Stop!

What is up with all of the wackos when it comes to President Elect Obama? Verizon Employees busted spying on Obama cell records Uproar in Maine over Obama assassination sign SC priest: No communion for Obama supporters Election spurs ‘hundreds’ of race threats, crimes Sowell compared Obama to Hitler, Mao, other dictators, and Jim Jones […]

What’s Next? America After the Obama / McCain Election

President Bush Approval Ratings

Here we are on the eve before we discover who will become the next President of the United States. Already it is set to be a historic election. We will either have the first African-American as Commander in Chief, or the oldest ever President and the first woman in an Executive office. We will see […]

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