How to Make Deviled Eggs


I’m not sure where Deviled Eggs got their name, because they taste like they came from heaven! Anyway, for those of you who don’t have a clue how to make these tasty little suckers, I’ve got your hook up! The hardest part of making deviled eggs is simply boiling the eggs. Seriously. That’s it. So […]

John’s Famous Souvlaki Recipe


In Greece there are two types of souvlaki (kebob). You can get the fast food sort from vendors on the street like a hamburger, or you can get the gourmet kind at sit down restaurants. This is my version, and hopefully it would be judged as the latter type rather than the former. The secret […]

5 Minute Avgolemono Soup Recipe

There is a common Greek soup called Avgolemono which is basically a Chicken & Rice soup with a slight lemon flavor that happens to make normal Chicken & Rice soup pale by comparison (In Greek the “avgo” means egg and the “lemono” is lemon). The only problem is that traditional Avgolemono soup takes hours to […]

Tiropita Recipe (Greek Cheese Pies)

Tiropitas Out of the Oven

Some people don’t want to attempt to cook Greek food because a few of the dishes are pretty complex. Well, this isn’t one of them. The worst thing about making these tasty pastries is that they take a little time. I’d say start to finish in about an hour. The name Tiropita (pronounced tee-RO-pee-ta) translates […]

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